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September 2008

September 2008 coverpage

Uveal Melanoma
Researchers are working to improve the treatment of metastatic uveal melanoma and, more important, to prevent metastasis in the first place.(more)


September Mystery Image
Mystery Image
What do you see?


Destination Atlanta Part Four of Five
From the AMA President on the future of eye care to the Jackson Lecturer on clinical trials, preview the free Symposia. (more)

Ophthalmic Pearls

Uveitic Glaucoma
Review the pathophysiology of uveitic glaucoma and its medical and surgical management. Plus uveitic conditions associated with glaucoma. (more)

Morning Rounds

The Case of the Avid Golfer
This hardworking tile salesman would squeeze in a game of golf at every opportunity, so he was not pleased when his right eye became photophobic. What’s your diagnosis? (more)


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