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Why Should I Hire an OD? 

In “Why Not to Hire an OD” (June, Letters) , the author asks, in good faith, why ophthalmologists should hire optometrists. Personally, I share her view, but this shared view is rapidly becoming an extreme minority opinion.

In reality, a great number of ophthalmologists pander shamelessly both to ODs inside their own practices and to ODs in general. In many instances, acute emergencies, infections and even glaucoma management are handled by ODs, with the medical practitioner hoping to receive a cataract or LASIK case, which they will then comanage with the OD.

I would guess that ODs who work for ophthalmologists do not feel, as the writer notes, “used and disrespected,” since they are often accorded equal standing in the practice, at least in the patient’s point of view. After all, they are all “doctors.”

There is hypocrisy in a large portion of the ophthalmic community—programs like the Surgical Scope Fund coexist with attitudes that ignore widespread “visual-training” scams by ODs and prescription of nearly “window-glass” spectacles by many.

Nobody is ever going to do anything about it—all one can do is to keep one’s own garden tidy and weed-free.                                               

Ralph M. Bishop, MD
Ithaca, N.Y.



In May’s issue, Alla Y. Hynes, MD, was mistakenly listed as a coeditor. She was actually a coauthor of the Morning Rounds article, “Facial Drop, Rash, Floaters and Blurriness: Doctor, What’s Going On?”

EyeNet regrets the error.

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