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Two New Instruments

Bausch & Lomb Storz Instruments has developed two new instruments.

The ET3122 Charlie Forceps II is a modification of the ET3121 Charlie Forceps. It is designed to compress only at the tips to insert donor tissue and maximize endothelial survival in DSAEK, DSEK and DLEK procedures. The forceps has been modified with a 150-µm space between the tips, allowing tissue insertion without crushing.

The E2959 IOL Forceps is designed to be used with pre-positioned, winged-cartridge IOL delivery systems. The jaws feature small paddles, which stabilize and prevent upward rocking of the implant while the forceps slide the IOL, which is positioned on a drop of viscoelastic, onto the platform and into the cartridge bed. Once the IOL is positioned in the cartridge bed, the forceps can be closed and positioned gently on top of the IOL to prevent the implant from folding opposite the intended direction.

Bausch & Lomb Storz Instruments
800-338-2020 or
Booth #2212


Multifocal Hybrid Contacts

SynergEyes has launched its new multifocal hybrid contact lens, SynergEyes Multifocal, designed for patients with presbyopia.

Approved for marketing by the FDA, the lens is composed of a high-oxygen-permeable, rigid lens at its center and a soft-lens skirt, for clear vision both near and far. It also features a lathed, nonpolished surface to provide full correction of corneal astigmatism while concentrating the visual optics within two distinct focal ranges.

877-733-2012 or
Booth #4410


Readers and Telescope

Eschenbach has introduced two products for low vision applications.

Clip&Read is a miniature pair of reading glasses that can attach to any portable device—such as a mobile phone or digital camera—using either a lanyard or Velcro fastenings. Available in two powers (1.5 and 2.5 D) and two colors (gray and red), the Clip&Read features lenses with short flexible temples that sit in place without any pressure points. This product comes with a case so it can be stored in a shirt or jacket pocket. And a rotating display capable of holding 12 pairs is also available.

The Mirage Telescope is designed to provide 7x magnification and give patients the ability to better view television, sporting events, the theater and other extended-distance viewing tasks. Combining 30-mm objective lenses and a 9-degree field of view, the telescope features an adjustable frame and an open-saddle bridge.

800-487-5389 or
Booth #3023


Eye Model

Gulden Ophthalmics has introduced its new Focal Ray Eye Model, a realistically colored and textured model of the human eye that shows both anatomy and function to patients.

The model provides the opportunity to demonstrate myopia and hyperopia through adjustment of the focal ray, thus showing the movement of the focal point in the eye. The model also can be used to explain how acuity is improved through surgery and/or corrective lenses. It is made of durable plastic and measures 4 inches in diameter.

Gulden Ophthalmics
800-659-2250 or
Booth #2905


Eye Drops

Allergan has introduced Refresh Eye Itch Relief, an over-the-counter eye drop for patients with itchy eyes due to allergies.

The new eye drop features a triple-action formula that provides an antihistamine effect to offer relief in minutes; mast cell stabilization to sustain relief for up to 12 hours; and inhibition of eosinophils to prevent late-phase allergic reaction.

800-347-4500 or
Booth #3116 and 3132


Pick Forceps

ASICO has released the VRTIS Corcostegui Pick Forceps for delaminating the internal limiting membrane. To increase the surgeon’s field of vision, the jaws have been designed so that there is still an opening in the center of the jaws when closed. In the open position the tips act as both a spatula and pick.

800-628-2879 or
Booth #1817


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