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November/December 2008

Products & Services

Diamond Knife

The new diamond knife (K2-6520) from Katena is designed with dual settings for creating both limbal relaxing and paracentesis incisions. It also features a titanium handle and a gem-quality, 1-mm-wide diamond blade with six-facet, double-bevel edges for bi­directional cutting.

The single footplate is intended to provide a smooth gliding surface and serve as a depth guard while permitting full visualization of the blade.

800-225-1195 or


Fixation Plate

ASICO has introduced the Josephberg/Hilton Trocar Fixation Plate for Alcon’s 23- and 25-gauge trocar systems.

The plate’s design features two places for fixation. The atraumatic teeth along the outer periphery of the plate fixate the conjunctiva to the sclera around the general area of the incision site. And the four atraumatic ridges along the inner periphery of the plate fixate the conjunctiva right at the incision site while the trocar cannula is inserted. In addition, the U-shaped side-opening wraps around the collar of the trocar’s cannula to secure the cannula in place as the trocar is being removed.

The plate is available in two radii, 3.5 mm (AE-2925C) and 4 mm (AE-2926C).

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New Magnifier

The Eye-Q Digital Video Magnifier is a portable electronic magnifier for those with low vision. It features a full-color, antiglare, LCD screen with high-contrast picture quality, and it has pop-out legs so it can be placed over documents, making it easier for the user to sign checks, for example, or make notations.

It offers automatic brightness adjustment and operates on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Gulden Ophthalmics
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