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Sept 2009 coverpage

Viral Anterior Uveitis
Four viruses-CMV, HSV, VZV and rubella-can provoke uveitic inflammation in the anterior segment. Here's how to spot them and stop them. (more)

Practice Perfect
Ergonomics: Risk Factors and Solutions
For 10 quick tips from this month's Practice Perfect, hit the play button above on this month's Multimedia Extra presentation. To read the article in its entirety, click here.

Sept 2009 Mystery Image 
Mystery Image
What do you see?
  Ophthalmic Pearls

Management of Intraocular Foreign Bodies
From evaluation of patients to tips on management and removal, review the important considerations of handling intraocular foreign bodies. (more)

  Morning Rounds

The Case of the Ex-Marine With Exophthalmos
The ex-marine was in his mid-30s when his friends and family began to tell him that his right eye looked odd. What's your diagnosis? (more)


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