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Physician leaders from EyeNet's editorial board were busy blogging at last year's Joint Meeting. Be sure to check it out and read about the buzz in San Francisco.

Oct 2009 coverpage

Endangered Subspecialties
The future may be grim for pediatric and uveitis care, pathology and neuro-ophthalmology. Experts talk about rescuing their underappreciated disciplines. (more)

Envisioning the Future With the Academy's New CEO
David W. Parke II, MD, talks about everything from health care reform and conflict of interest issues to lifelong learning. (more)



EyeNet’s Joint Meeting Publications

If you missed any part of the Joint Meeting, catch up with EyeNet's Joint Meeting publications.

Clinical Update
How to Handle DSAEK Complications
For a demonstration from this month's Clinical Update, hit the play button above. To read the article in its entirety, click here.
Oct 2009 Mystery Image
Mystery Image
What do you see?
  Ophthalmic Pearls

Hypotony Maculopathy
From assessment of risk factors to tips on imaging, treatment and prevention, review the key points of managing hypotony maculopathy. (more)

  Morning Rounds

Immunosuppressed and Distressed: A Conjunctival Conundrum
After undergoing kidney and pancreas transplants, this patient was on immunosuppressive drugs when he noticed a red growth on his left eye. What's your diagnosis? (more)


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