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Instrument Set

Bausch & Lomb Storz has introduced its Silverstein instrument set for MICS 1.8-mm surgery.

The set features three new tools specific to the procedure. The Silverstein MICS 1.8-mm Capsulorhexis Forceps is designed to have a very thin profile for maximum maneuverability through a sub-2-mm incision without oar-locking or unnecessary distortion of the wound architecture during capsulorhexis. The 6.0-mm marks on the anterior blade surface also allow the surgeon to create a consistent, central capsulorhexis.

The modernized Wiles Hydrodissection Cannula features a thin-profile J-style cannula for easy manipulation in and out of the sub-2-mm wound, while providing an adequate irrigating stream for both hydrodissection and hydrodelineation, as well as subincisional cortical cleanup.

The Silverstein Phaco Manipulator & Quick Chop is a universal, slimmed-profile, crystalline lens manipulator with a chopper on one end and a spatulated paddle on the opposite end to accommodate any phaco technique or density of lens material.

In addition to these new designs, the Silverstein instrument set includes a 1.8-mm diamond keratome, a 45-degree I/A tip with handpiece, a 27-gauge silicone capsule polisher and a 2.8-mm diamond keratome.

Bausch & Lomb Storz Instruments
800-628-2879 or
Booth: South, #1124


Retinal Camera

Canon has introduced the CR-1 Mark II Digital Nonmydriatic Retinal Camera.

The company reports that the CR-1 Mark II can achieve extremely detailed, high-resolution diagnostic images of the retina and enables a full 45-degree view angle. When attached to a Canon EOS 50D Digital SLR Camera (sold separately), the CR-1 Mark II is capable of delivering clear and detailed diagnostic images for virtually immediate review. The low flash intensity of the CR-1 Mark II minimizes pupil contraction—shortening the time required for taking multiple pictures, such as binocular and stereo images.

The camera comes with Retinal Image Control Software, which is intended to facilitate comprehensive study management and to put image capture control at the operator’s fingertips through a simple-to-use graphical interface. The PC-based software is designed to provide quick input and access to all information and images. Data can be saved to various external media. The camera has a DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine) Standard–compliant interface.

800-652-2666 or
Booth: North, #3048


Injector System Clearance

Staar Surgical Company announced that the FDA has granted 510(k) clearance for its Epiphany Injector System for use with the Affinity Collamer Three-Piece NTIOL and the Elastimide Silicone NTIOL.

Epiphany has been designed to combine ease of use with controlled delivery through a 2.8-mm incision. The injector system is intended for single use and offers the flexibility of either twistor push-insertion techniques.

Staar Surgical
800-352-7842 or
Booth: South, #1209


Ocular Internet Textbook

The Ocular Internet Textbook is now available at no charge. Developed by Medflow and F. Hampton Roy, MD, it has more than 500 differential diagnosis lists as well as over 1,600 diagnosis topics, many of which have an Internet reference for additional information. Text has been procured from published material that the author has developed with other physicians over the last 35 years.

The Internet textbook can be copied directly to the electronic health record or printed out so it can be placed in a paper chart. To access the textbook, visit dds.medflow.com. For username and password, enter “ddsuser.”

Dr. Hampton Roy
Booth: N/A


Video Magnifier

Eschenbach has introduced the TVi, a compact video magnifier that is compatible with televisions of all sizes.

Designed to resemble a computer mouse, the TVi is intended for ease of use. After plugging the TVi into a television and connecting the power cord, the user can then move the “mouse” (with its camera located underneath) over text and view the enlarged text on the television. The TVi allows the image to be projected in color, black on white or white on black.

800-487-5389 or
Booth: North, #4024


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