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OCT Gets Clearance

Topcon Medical Systems announced that the FDA has granted 510(k) marketing clearance for its 3-D OCT-2000 system.

A successor of the 3-D OCT-1000 system, this updated machine integrates a nonmydriatic color fundus camera with a 12.3-megapixel sensor that can detect and display retinal abnormalities hidden from OCT imaging—from small hemangiomas to retinal hemorrhages and white patches. This combination of technology also enables the user to take sequential stereo disc color photos.

With the company’s FastMap software, images captured using the 3-D OCT-2000 can be viewed and compared with simultaneous dynamic visualization of OCT, fundus and thickness-map imaging for both eyes on the same screen or on serial exams from the same eye. The software also can be used to create 2-D and 3-D videos. The 3-D OCT-2000 also features registration of OCT and fundus imaging, and its “compare” function allows serial monitoring of captured images. The instrument is networkable with EMRs and Topcon’s EyeRoute Ophthalmic Image Management System.

Topcon Medical Systems
800-223-1130 or


Sterile Corneal Allograft

Tissue Banks International (TBI) has announced the availability of the VisionGraft Sterile Cornea, the United States’ first sterile corneal allograft.

The allograft is an irradiated cornea for use in tectonic transplant procedures and is ready to use at room temperature. It is shelf-stable for at least one year—making it ideal to have in stock for use in trauma and emergency procedures as well as for scheduled surgeries.

TBI expects that surgeons from many ophthalmic subspecialties will find applications for the new allograft. It has already been used in glaucoma tube shunt coverage, as a patch graft and with keratoprosthesis. While TBI says that there may be potential for the allograft’s use in anterior lamellar and deep anterior lamellar procedures, it is not intended for use in penetrating keratoplasty or endothelial replacement transplants.

The VisionGraft Sterile Cornea is available, whole or precut, for specific applications according to surgeon specifications.

Tissue Banks International
800-858-2020 or


Prechop Forceps

Bausch & Lomb Storz has introduced the ET2057 Singh Akahoshi Prechop Forceps With Paddle Tip.

The forceps is used during cataract surgery for the prechop technique to segment the lens nucleus prior to phacoemulsification. The thin-paddle design of the tip is intended for ease of insertion into the lens nucleus while the broad surface of the tip provides splitting action. The instrument is initially introduced into the lens, and the handle is compressed to create one central chop. The lens halves are then rotated and split to form quadrants. The cross-action tip can be used in a multitude of incision sizes.

Bausch & Lomb Storz Ophthalmics
800-338-2020 or


Glaucoma Blades

Optonol has announced the release of two Sapphire Micro-Incisional Glaucoma Blades designed specifically for use with the R and P model Ex-Press devices. The blades were developed to allow surgeons another option in creating the pre-incision for implantation of the Ex-Press shunt.

The blades are intended to create a reproducible, self-sealing microincision and raise the predictability of surgical outcome by eliminating excess leakage from around the lumen. Its immediate adherence to the contour of the Ex-Press lumen also makes for both a snug wound-to-shunt fit and predictable outflow.

According to the company, this reusable instrument should last for at least 100 cases when handled properly.

877-707-3937 or


Clip-On Telescope

Eschenbach has introduced the MaxDetail Clip, a telescope that clips on to spectacles.

The MaxDetail Clip features 2x magnification, hands- free design, large working distance and wide field of view. There are five vertical lens heights from which to choose.

800-487-5389 or


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