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Dysplastic Optic Disc Associated With Midline Facial Clefting
Written by Wael M. El-Haig, MBBS, MD, Zagazig University, Zaga­zig, Egypt.
Edited by Michael P. Kelly, CPT.

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Blink March 2010

A 7-year-old boy who had undergone cleft lip and palate repair in infancy presented to our clinic with nystagmus in both eyes, and microphthalmia and no light perception in the left eye. The right eye was of normal size with no abnor­malities other than the nystagmus.

Fundus examination of the left eye revealed a large optic disc coloboma with fibroglial tissue seen at its center. The disc itself could not be clearly delineated. Brain imaging revealed no abnormalities.

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