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April 2010

Apr 2010 coverpage
IOLs for Presbyopia Move Ahead

Can refractive technology ever duplicate the functional elegance of the eye’s natural lens? Several IOL makers are reporting incremental success. (more)

Clinical Update

Surprising New Treatment for Glaucoma: Get the Drops in the Eye

For at least three decades, researchers have been reporting that patients with glaucoma have trouble getting drops in their eyes. In the video above, five of Dr. Alan Robin's patients gave him permission to film them as they administered their glaucoma drops. The problems demonstrated here may be more common in the patient community than ophthalmologists had imagined. To read the entire article, click here.

Apr 2010 Mystery Image
Mystery Image
What do you see?
Ophthalmic Pearls

Diagnosis and Management of Malignant Glaucoma
Review the possible mechanism of and risk factors for this often blinding condition, as well as advice on diagnosis, imaging and management. (more)

Morning Rounds

Trouble in Paradise: Robbed and Wounded
After a beach assault, the teen had been seeing double, enduring head pains and exhibiting aggression and other marked changes in behavior. What's your diagnosis? (more)


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