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Surgical Instruments

Katena Products has introduced two new instruments to its product line.

The Chu Aspirating Speculum features thin, solid blades for keeping the lashes from the surgical field and aspiration ports to remove excess fluid during surgery. The company says that the speculum can be used either nasally or temporally—even in cases where the patient has deep-set eyes, as the shanks are precisely angled and the aspiration ports are aligned centrally on each blade. The speculum is designed with extra- long tubing, which allows it to be connected directly to either the wall or a remote suction device.

The Terry Micro Corneal Scissors are designed for trimming the recipient corneal bed and donor button during penetrating and lamellar keratoplasty.

They feature delicate, strongly curved blades with sharp points and are available for right and left cutting. The rounded handle is intended to allow the surgeon meticulous control.

Katena Products
800-255-1195 or


Glaucoma Progression Analysis Software

Carl Zeiss Meditec has announced FDA 510(k) class 2 clearance for the Humphrey Field Analyzer II-i with Guided Progression Analysis (GPA) software. The company reports that its automated perimeter is the only perimeter with GPA software that has received clearance from the FDA to specifically assess the rate of visual field loss over time.

The GPA software applies the same criteria used in the Early Manifest Glaucoma Trial to determine which test points in the visual field have changed, and uses the Visual Field Index to measure the overall rate of visual field progression. The software also automatically summarizes all available visual field test results on a single page and calculates each patient’s rate of visual field deterioration.  

Carl Zeiss Meditec
877-486-7473 or


Approval for Multifocal IOL

AMO has announced FDA approval for its Tecnis multifocal one-piece IOL for cataract patients with and without presbyopia. The Tecnis has also received presbyopia-correcting IOL status by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

The Tecnis multifocal one-piece IOL is a pupil-independent, full diffractive presbyopia-correcting lens designed for optimal image quality at all distances under any lighting condition.

Features include: a patented wavefront-designed aspheric anterior surface intended to reduce average spherical aberration to essentially zero; reduction of chromatic aberration for better image quality; and an easy-to-insert one-piece design.

Abbott Medical Optics
866-427-8477 or


Yellow Laser Photocoagulator

Ellex has announced the launch of its Integre Yellow laser photocoagulator.

The company says that the laser system is the first to offer a high-power 561-nm yellow laser in a fully integrated design. Treatment using the yellow wavelength can be performed at lower energy settings than other laser wavelengths used in ophthalmology, and this may improve patient comfort.

952-881-9100 or


Light-Filtering Eyewear

Eschenbach has introduced its Wellness Protect Eyewear that filters out blue light and corrects refractive error. Available in two frame styles, the yellow tint blocks light 470 nm in wavelength and less. Other filtering tints (orange–525 nm, amber–511 nm, plum–400 nm or deep red–550 nm) can be ordered. And any of these lenses can be prescription-corrected.

The frame provides full protection with an oversized brow and side shields but still allows air to circulate freely to prevent the fogging that can occur with more snugly fitting eyewear.

800-487-5389 or


Anterior Chamber Model

Gulden Ophthalmics has released its anterior chamber open-angle eye model, which is intended to help eye care professionals explain glaucoma, its treatment and surgical options through visualization of the iris, cornea, Schlemm’s canal, the ciliary body and the trabecular meshwork.

Gulden Ophthalmics
800-659-2250 or

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