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July/August 2010

Academy Notebook

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What's Happening 

Academy Launches EyeWiki

In an ongoing effort to help ophthalmologists around the globe deliver the best possible eye care, the Academy has launched an EyeWiki in close collaboration with several subspecialty and special-interest societies. Just like the collaborative online encyclopedia Wikipedia, the EyeWiki is a website that can be viewed by the public. Unlike Wikipedia, it can be modified only by ophthalmologists.

Editors for the nine subspecialty sections represented in the EyeWiki were selected from nominees submitted by the International Society of Refractive Surgery, the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, the Cornea Society, the American Glaucoma Society, the North American Neuro-Ophthalmology Society, the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus, the American Society of Retina Specialists, the Macula Society, the American Uveitis Society and the Retina Society, as well as Women in Ophthalmology and the Contact Lens Association of Ophthalmologists.

The EyeWiki section editors are:

  • Cataract: Richard G. Shugarman, MD
  • Cornea: Penny A. Asbell, MD
  • Glaucoma: Sarwat Salim, MD
  • Neuro-Ophthalmology: Edmond J. FitzGibbon, MD
  • Oculoplastics: Marcus M. Marcet, MD
  • Pediatric Ophthalmology: K. David Epley, MD
  • Refractive: Natalie A. Afshari, MD
  • Retina: Vinay A. Shah, MD
  • Uveitis: Russell W. Read, MD, PhD

They and other Academy members have already written and posted many articles. While the content is self-moderated by the general ophthalmic community, content management is supervised by the editor-in-chief, Aaron M. Miller, MD, and deputy editor-in-chief, Brad Feldman, MD. Section editors will review the material from time to time for quality assurance.

“The EyeWiki is a fascinating project that places the ophthalmic community in control of educational content,” Dr. Feldman said. “We’ll be working hard to ensure that this ‘living textbook’ of our ophthalmic community reflects the high standards of our profession while maintaining the openness and simplicity of a wiki. Thousands of us will soon be using this resource to help take care of our patients, and I want to be sure that the information we need is just an ‘EyeWiki search’ away.”

To access the EyeWiki, visit


For the Record 

Annual Business Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the Annual Business Meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology will be held Sunday, Oct. 17, in Hall B at McCormick Place, Chicago, from 10 to 10:30 a.m.

Officer Nominees

In accordance with Academy bylaws, notice is hereby given of the following nominations for officers to the Academy, made by the Academy board of trustees in June. Please note that senior secretary for Ophthalmic Practice and secretary for Annual Meeting are three-year terms and that one trustee-at-large position is available in 2011.

Ruth D. Williams, MD

Secretary for the Annual Meeting
Jonathan B. Rubenstein, MD

Senior Secretary for Ophthalmic Practice
David A. Durfee, MD

John R. Stechschulte, MD

Nomination Procedures for the Academy Board

On Jan. 1, 2011, three board of trustee positions will become vacant. Elections to fill those positions will take place by mail ballot after the Oct. 17, 2010, Annual Business Meeting.

To nominate a candidate by petition for the 2011 board, submit a written petition to the Academy’s executive vice president no later than Aug. 11. The petition must be signed by at least 50 voting Academy members and fellows.

To suggest a nominee for the 2012 board, watch for the call for nominations that will be published in January’s EyeNet Magazine.

To read the rules in full, visit and see Article V of the Academy bylaws.


2010 Awards 

Announcing the 2010 Academy Awards

It is with great pleasure and pride that the board of trustees and the awards committee announce this year’s award recipients.


Individuals who are honored with the Special Awards will be invited to attend the 2010 Joint Meeting in Chicago as guests of the Academy’s president, Randolph L. Johnston, MD.


This award honors individuals for their importance to ophthalmology.
Alexander J. Brucker, MD
H. Dunbar Hoskins Jr., MD
Theodore L. Johnston, MD


This award honors individuals or organizations for ongoing notable service to both ophthalmology and the Academy.
Veterans Affairs Ophthalmologists


This award recognizes individuals for their lifetime commitment to and support of ophthalmology. The award may also be presented to an organization for outstanding service in a specific effort or cause that has improved the quality of eye care.
Melvin L. Rubin, MD


This award recognizes Academy members for their outstanding contribution to humanitarian efforts, such as participation in charitable activities, care of the indigent, involvement in community service and other forms of ophthalmological care performed above and beyond the typical duties of an ophthalmologist.
Edward D. Jervey, MD
Robert A. Rice, MD


This award recognizes Academy members for their participation in advocacy-related efforts at either the state or federal level.
Allan D. Jensen, MD


This award honors individuals who have made a significant contribution to the prevention of blindness or the restoration of sight around the world.
Ahmed M. Trabelsi, MD



The Achievement Awards program recognizes individuals for their time and contribution to the scientific programs of the Annual Meeting and those who serve as Academy committee members, representatives, trustees, councilors, authors, coauthors and reviewers of educational material.


Individuals who have cumulatively earned 60 points and have made significant contributions to ophthalmology as determined by the awards committee are nominated to receive this award.
Daniel M. Albert, MD, FACS
David J. Apple, MD
James J. Augsburger, MD
J. Bronwyn Bateman, MD
William W. Culbertson, MD
Kenneth J. Hoffer, MD
Paul F. Palmberg, MD, PhD
Henry D. Perry, MD
Carmen A. Puliafito, MD, MBA
Howard H. Tessler, MD
H. Stanley Thompson, MD
Stanley M. Truhlsen, MD
Martin Wand, MD
Robert N. Weinreb, MD



Individuals who have cumulatively earned 30 points are nominated to receive this award.
Marcos P. Avila, MD
Charles S. Bouchard, MD
Brian S. Boxer Wachler, MD
Michael C. Brodsky, MD
K. V. Chalam, MD, PhD
S. William Clark, MD
Kimberly Cockerham, MD
Michael Colvard, MD
Garry P. Condon, MD
Borja F. Corcostegui, MD
E. Randy Craven, MD
Earl R. Crouch, MD
Pravin U. Dugel, MD
Robert S. Feder, MD
Jeffrey S. Heier, MD
Richard W. Hertle, MD
Andrew J. Huang, MD, MPH
Judy E. Kim, MD
Scott R. Lambert, MD
Don Liu, MD
Joel S. Mindel, MD, PhD
Mark L. Moster, MD
John D. Ng, MD
Dan Z. Reinstein, MD
Philip J. Rosenfeld, MD, PhD
George O. D. Rosenwasser, MD
Steven C. Schallhorn, MD
Ursula M. Schmidt-Erfurth, MD
Gary S. Schwartz, MD
Edwin M. Stone, MD, PhD
Cynthia A. Toth, MD
Paolo Vinciguerra, MD
Liliana Werner, MD, PhD
John P. Whitcher, MD
David J. Wilson, MD



Individuals who have cumulatively earned 10 points are nominated to receive this award.
Michael D. Abramoff, MD, PhD
Anita Agarwal, MD
Renato Ambrosio Jr., MD
Kyle A. Arnoldi, CO
Ritu Arora, MD, MBBS
Albert J. Augustin, MD
Shady T. Awwad, MD
Ramesh S. Ayyala, MD, FRCS
Sophie J. Bakri, MD
Richard Francis Beatty, MD
Janet A. Betchkal, MD
Catherine M. Birt, MD
Evan H. Black, MD
Sean Matthew Blaydon, MD
James P. Bolling, MD
Gary E. Borodic, MD
Kraig S. Bower, MD
R. Wayne Bowman, MD
Paul J. Bryar, MD
Cat N. Burkat, MD
Cesar C. Carriazo Escaf, MD
Nathalie Cassoux, MD
William Christen
David S. Chu, MD
Antonio P. Ciardella, MD
Ian J. Constable, MBBS
Francisco Contreras, MD
Todd Cook, MD
Kevin J. Corcoran
Zelia M. Correa, MD
Elizabeth D. Cottle, CPC, OCS
Juan Oscar Croxatto, MD
Andrew P. Doan, MD, PhD
Raymond Douglas, MD, PhD
Harminder S. Dua, MBBS
Sunay Duman, MD
Anna L. Ells, MD
K. David Epley, MD
George J. Florakis, MD
Cesare Forlini, MD
Arthur D. Fu, MD
Anat Galor, MD
JoAnn A. Giaconi, MD
Kris F. Gillian, MD
Sanjay D. Goel, MD
Federico A. Graue-Wiechers, MD
Shailesh K. Gupta, MD
Vishali Gupta, MBBS
D. Rex Hamilton, MD
Seenu M. Hariprasad, MD
Jeong-Min Hwang, MD
Luis Izquierdo Jr., MD
Mary Lou Jackson, MD
Martine J. Jager, MD
Leslie S. Jones, MD
Jeffrey Ward Kalenak, MD
Motohiro Kamei, MD
Niro Kasahara, MD
Bradley J. Katz, MD
Arif Omar Khan, MD
Aylin Kilic, MD
Joung Y. Kim, MD
Theresa Retue Kramer, MD
Derek P. Kuhl, MD, PhD, OCS
Barbara Kusa, MD
George D. Kymionis, MD, PhD
Timothy Y. Lai, MBBS
William Barry Lee, MD
Joseph A. LoCascio III, MD
Jeff S. Maltzman, MD
Emmanouil Mavrikakis, MD, PhD
Loannis Mavrikakis, MD, PhD
Robert F. Melendez, MD
Aaron M. Miller, MD
Jose Morales, MD
Virgilio Morales-Canton, MD
Sameh Mosaed, MD
Prithvi Mruthyunjaya, MD
Juan Murube, MD
Raja Narayanan, MD
Belquiz A. Nassaralla, MD, PhD
Marcio B. Nehemy, MD
Eric R. Nelson, MD
Marcelo T. Nicolela, MD
Peter Nussbaum, MD
Marianne O’Connor Price, PhD
Yusuke Oshima, MD
Parag D. Parekh, MD, MPA
Carlos E. Pavesio, MD
Clive O. Peckar, MD
David E. Pelayes, MD
Ron W. Pelton, MD, PhD
William B. Phillips II, MD
Roberto Pinelli, MD
John S. Pollack, MD
Jonathan L. Prenner, MD
Peter A. Quiros, MD
A. Melinda Rainey, MD
John Denis Roarty, MD
Carlos Rodriguez-Galindo
John G. Rose Jr., MD
Carl E. Rosen, MD
Joyce C. Schiffman, MS
Daniel H. Scorsetti, MD
Vinay A. Shah, MD
Neda Shamie, MD
Shigeto Shimmura, MD
Richard G. Shugarman, MD, FACS
Alice Song, MD
Sathish Srinivasan, MBBS, FRCS(ED)
Thomas L. Steinemann, MD
Prem S. Subramanian, MD, PhD
Ramin Tadayoni, MD
David G. Telander, MD
Miguel A. Teus, MD
Julie H. Tsai, MD
Elmer Y. Tu, MD
Susan M. Tucker, MD
Sonal S. Tuli, MD
Alexander C. Walsh, MD
Judith E. Warner, MD
Linda L. Wedemeyer, MD
Eric D. Weichel, MD
John A. Wells III, MD
Milton Falkner White Jr., MD
Brad A. Wong
Thierry G. Zeyen, MD, PhD
Peter Zloty, MD



The Secretariat Awards program recognizes individuals for contributions outside the scope of the Achievement Awards program.

Each of the Academy’s secretaries and senior secretaries can submit nominees to the awards committee.

Nominated by the secretaries for Quality of Care & Knowledge Base Development, Ophthalmic Knowledge, Online Education, Editor, ONE Network, and senior secretary for Clinical Education:
Natalie A. Afshari, MD
Neal Atebara, MD
Lindreth G. DuBois, CO
Robert A. Goldberg, MD
Debra A. Goldstein, MD
Richard A. Harper, MD
Bonnie A. Henderson, MD
Deborah S. Jacobs, MD
Emanuel Newmark, MD
Edward L. Raab, MD, JD
James J. Reidy, MD
Stuart R. Seiff, MD
Sonal S. Tuli, MD

Nominated by the secretary for the Annual Meeting:
Richard A. Lewis, MD

Nominated by the secretaries for State Affairs and Federal Affairs, and senior secretary for Advocacy:
Steve M. Friedlander, MD
Theodore Krupin, MD
Andrew J. Packer, MD
Stephen R. Powell, MD
Philip Rizzuto, MD
Alan L. Robin, MD
Stuart R. Seiff, MD
John W. Simon, MD
C. Gail Summers, MD
David F. Williams, MD

Nominated by the secretary for Communications:
Abdhish R. Bhavsar, MD
Lee R. Duffner, MD
Michael X. Repka, MD
William L. Rich, MD

Nominated by the editor of Ophthalmology:
Edwin S. Chen, MD
Lance Stephen Kwok, MD
Louis R. Pasquale, MD
Darrell WuDunn, MD, PhD

Nominated by the secretary for Member Services:
Manal Bouhaimed, MBChB, PhD
Anthony P. Khawaja, MBBS
Bruce E. Spivey, MD

Nominated by the chief medical editor of EyeNet:
Emmett T. Cunningham, MD, PhD
Michael P. Kelly, CPT
Michael S. McCracken, MD

Nominated by the secretary for Global Alliances:
Richard L. Abbott, MD
Francesco Carones, MD
Natalio J. Izquierdo, MD
Ronald R. Krueger, MD
Marguerite B. McDonald, MD



Foundation Announces Oral History Series

The Museum of Vision has announced the publication of a new oral history series recorded in partnership with the Academy Seniors Committee and the nonprofit StoryCorps, a national project of Sound Portraits Productions.

This oral history series consists of conversations with topics ranging from the history of the Academy to the training of individual doctors and their struggles, triumphs and thoughts on all aspects of ophthalmology.

Twelve prominent ophthalmologists were selected to participate in this project, recording a total of six 90-minute conservations. The first two conversations to be published are between Stanley M. Truhlsen, MD, and Melvin L. Rubin, MD, and H. Dunbar Hoskins Jr., MD, and Alice R. McPherson, MD.

To listen to excerpts of these two conversations and to read complete transcripts, visit and select “Oral Histories.” For more information about the Academy Seniors Committee, visit and click “Academy Seniors.”


Take Advantage of the Upcoming Coding Seminars

Owing to the continual changes in the coding and billing industry, refreshing your knowledge of coding has become a necessity. Learn the latest topics in coding and documentation at Codequest, a half-day, state-specific coding seminar sponsored by AAOE and your state or subspecialty society.

For more information on topics and requirements, and to see when Codequest is coming to your state, visit


Visit the APAO Congress in Beijing

The Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology (APAO) and the Academy have planned a joint meeting from Sept. 16 to 20 at the China National Convention Centre. The program will bring together ophthalmic leaders from around the world and is expected to be the largest ophthalmic meeting in the Asia-Pacific region.

Advance registration ends on Aug. 31. Be sure to visit the Academy’s booth during the meeting to review products or obtain information about membership.

To register, visit


Advocacy Day Contest Winners Announced

Robert F. Melendez, MD, MBA, is the winner of the Academy’s first-ever Advocacy Day story contest for his blog post titled “Famous Ophthalmologists.”

The contest gave 2010 Mid-Year Forum attendees the opportunity to share their meaningful Congressional Advocacy Day experiences by posting to the Mid-Year Forum group blog on the Academy Online Community. “I’ve learned that Congressional Advocacy Day is a marathon and not a sprint,” Dr. Melendez said. “I’ve met with our legislators at home and understand that building the bridge creates more opportunities later.”

Ravi D. Goel, MD, won second place for his post “Advocacy Ambassadors, Collegial Spirit and Honoring a Baseball Bet.” And Christian C. Hester, MD, won third place for his post “Be Kind to All and Learn From Your Elders.”

To read all of the blog entries, visit, go to the Mid-Year Forum group and click “View More Blog Posts.” For more information about this year’s Mid-Year Forum, visit


Academy Store

Save on IOL and Cataract Patient Education Kit

This starter kit (#053001) offers clear, unbiased information for patients. It includes 15 percent savings on the following:

  • One Understanding IOL Options for Cataract Surgery DVD (English and Spanish),
  • 20 Cataract Surgery booklets,
  • 20 Enhanced Lens Options for Cataract Surgery booklets,
  • 200 Cataract Surgery brochures and
  • 200 Multifocal and Accommodative IOLs brochures.

The kit is $375 for members and $480 for nonmembers.


Check Out the Latest Professional Development Text

The Profession of Ophthalmology: Practice Management, Ethics and Advocacy, 2nd Edition (#0230101V) provides insights and practical information that help practicing ophthalmologists and residents deliver care efficiently, ethically and effectively.

Topics include financial management, marketing, information technology, professional development and ethics.

The book is available in an electronic online format only and costs $49 for members and $75 for nonmembers.

For more information and to order, visit

Academy Store

To order products from the Academy Store, visit or phone the Academy Service Center at 866-561-8558 (toll-free in the United States) or 415-561-8540


Members At Large

Iowa Academy Sets Its Sights on Soldiers

As part of the Academy’s Leadership Development Program, Christopher L. Haupert, MD, is spearheading Sight for Soldiers, an Iowa Academy of Ophthalmology (IAO) project that will provide discounted laser refractive surgery for Iowa National Guard soldiers going to Iraq and Afghanistan in 2010. “This has been a wonderful opportunity to give back to the troops that are supporting our country. The Iowa Academy of Ophthalmology (IAO) is proud to be sponsoring this project,” Dr. Haupert said.

Working in concert with IAO executive director Terese A. Young, JD, Dr. Haupert has galvanized Iowa ophthalmologists to provide refractive laser surgery on the eyes of some of the soldiers who are in the process of deploying to Afghanistan. Dr. Haupert and Ms. Young have also garnered media attention with a story about their efforts appearing on KCCI Channel 8 News in Des Moines. “Many of the 2,800 Iowans who will take part in the state’s largest deployment since World War II wear contact lenses—modern conveniences that don’t do well in war zones. Afghanistan, Iraq and other similar places are dusty and dirty, and soldiers don’t always have access to the best sanitation conditions,” said Major Mike Wunn of the Iowa National Guard.

Dr. Haupert and Ms. Young sought advice about the project from Academy past president Michael W. Brennan, MD, executive director of the Vision Center of Excellence Col. Donald A. Gagliano, MD, and Academy councilor for the Society of Military Ophthalmologists Capt. Jonathan Collins, MD. Project leaders also consulted with Army ophthalmologists, Robert A. Mazzoli, MD, and Mark F. Torres, MD. “As with any effort that might involve varying branches of the service, there are different requirements and restrictions. The IAO wants to ensure we have appropriately met the concerns of all involved and believe we are providing an excellent service to our men and women in uniform,” Dr. Haupert said.


Washington Report

2010 Joint Meeting Sessions

After nearly a year of debate and political posturing, health care reform is now a reality. The dust has settled—or has it? What’s in store for ophthalmology with implementation of the far-reaching legislation? Besides health care reform, optometry escalated its attack on patient safety in nine state legislatures in 2010. How did the Academy quell the threat? Attend these free sessions at the 2010 Joint Meeting and discover how the Academy ensures that your voice is heard in Washington, D.C., and in your state capital.

Surgery by Surgeons Forum. Registration for the fall Council meeting is required for the Surgery by Surgeons forum; attendance is limited to Academy members and invited guests. (Sunday, Oct. 17, 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., Fairmont Chicago, Imperial Ballroom)

Historic Health Care Reform Is Here—Now What? Academy 2010 Medicare Update. Discover in-depth details of the health care reform legislation and other significant changes for ophthalmology reimbursement. This session will help you prepare for impending changes in 2010 and beyond. (Sunday, Oct. 17, 12:15 to 1:45 p.m., McCormick Place, S406A)

Dialogue With the FDA: Eye on LASIK. What is the FDA working on with regard to LASIK that ophthalmologists need to know about? How can the FDA’s projects affect your practice?  This panel symposium offers a unique opportunity to engage in a dialogue with FDA officials on a range of issues related to LASIK. A question-and-answer period will allow audience members to interact with agency experts on FDA-related ophthalmic issues. (Sunday, Oct. 17, 12:45 to 1:45 p.m., S503A)

Health System Reform: Now the Work Really Begins. The 2010 AMA Ophthalmology Section Council Symposium, featuring leaders from the AMA, the American College of Surgeons and the Academy, will offer perspectives on health system reforms past, present and future. The Parker Heath Lecture will also be presented during this session. (Monday, Oct. 18, 8:30 to 10 a.m., S406A)

From the Battlefield to the Operating Room: Quality and Safety in the DOD and VA. In this session, representatives from the Association of Veterans Affairs Ophthalmologists, the Society of Military Ophthalmologists and others will discuss quality and safety issues in the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs. Discussion will focus on a variety of topics, including eye injury mitigation efforts, treatment in the field and efforts to improve patient safety. A question-and-answer period will follow. (Monday, Oct. 18, 12:15 to 1:45 p.m., S503B)

Attend these free sessions and discover how the Academy ensures that your voice is heard.


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