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October 2010

FOLLOW THE HIGHLIGHTS OF THE JOINT MEETING. Emailed nightly from Chicago, Academy Live allows ophthalmologists throughout the world—at the convention and at home—to stay on top of news from the Academy's Subspecialty Day and Joint Meeting. Check your inbox for the latest meeting highlights or read Academy Live online.

Stem-Cell Progress

Therapies based on stem-cell manipulation may revolutionize corneal, retinal and other—perhaps unforeseen—possibilities for ocular regeneration. (more)

Discussing the Ophthalmic Codes of Ethics

Two leaders, from the profession and industry, converse about ophthalmic codes of ethics and how they will affect the field. (more)

EyeNet’s Joint Meeting Publications

If you miss any part of the Joint Meeting, catch up with EyeNet's Joint Meeting publications.

Academy News

Best of Show Videos

The video above, "Intraocular Helminth," by Luciano Negrão Frota de Almeida, MD, and colleagues, was one of the Joint Meeting's nine "Best of Show" winners. It follows the treatment of two patients with intraocular infestations of the helminths Pelecitus and Dirofilaria, respectively.

To read synopses of the other eight videos, pick up the Sunday/Monday/Tuesday edition of Academy News or read the story online.

Mystery Image Oct 2010

Mystery Image

What do you see?

Morning Rounds

The Cellulitis That Wouldn’t Go Away

A 10-year-old boy presented with swelling of his left upper eyelid. Despite medication, it steadily progressed over three weeks. What's your diagnosis? (more)

EyeNet Extra: A Quick Guide to EHRs

Will You Take Part in Medicare's Incentive Program?

Find out about the regulations, the products and what extra hardware you'll need. Download it for the Joint Meeting or wait for it to arrive with the November/December EyeNet. It includes a three-page chart with data from 24 companies that answered an AAOE/Academy survey. An expanded version of this chart—with data from MDIntelleSys and MedInformatix—is also available.


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