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January 2011

Dry AMD  

Research has been slow to progress but no fewer than 13 treatments are under study, and new theories of pathogenesis might give some of them a boost. (more)

Clinical Update

Liquid Nitrogen Cryotherapy

In the video above, Frederick W. Fraunfelder, MD, demonstrates his use of liquid nitrogen cryotherapy to treat a number of ocular surface conditions. Dr. Fraunfelder noted that his fa­ther, Frederick T. Fraunfelder, MD, originated ophthalmic research with liquid nitrogen when he applied it to cows’ eyes in the late 1960s in Little Rock, Ark. 

The treatment is covered in greater detail in the accompanying story, "Liquid Nitrogen Cryotherapy for Ocular Surface Disease."


Mystery Image

What do you see?

Morning Rounds

When a Pink Eye Is Not “Pink Eye”

Her eye was red, the upper eyelid was swollen, and there was mild discharge of mucus, but the antibiotic/steroid combination drops weren’t helping. What's your diagnosis? (more)

Ophthalmic Pearls

Orbital Hemorrhage

A high index of suspicion and a low threshold for performing a canthotomy and cantholysis are essential for handling an orbital hemorrhage. (more)


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