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How Far Will Femtosecond Go? 

While this zippy technology is adding precision and reproducibility to many front-of-the-eye procedures, some clinicians question the cost. (more)

Feature Story

Spotlight on IOL Complications

Case #1 from the Spotlight on Cataract Surgery Symposium at the Academy's Joint Meeting in Chicago centered on an unhappy multifocal IOL patient with significant higher-order aberrations and a possible anterior capsular tear. This video shows how David F. Chang, MD, approached this case.

The accompanying story presents audience poll results from 32 questions posed about seven cases involving IOL complications, and the symposium’s presenters and panelists remark upon the audience’s answers. 

February 2011 Blink

Mystery Image

What do you see?

Morning Rounds

“Why Am I Losing My Central Vision?”

The 65-year-old Latino was concerned about his central vision, which had been deteriorating for about a month, especially in the left eye. What's your diagnosis? (more)

Ophthalmic Pearls

Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy

For patients with eyelid or conjunctival tumors and subclinical lymph node metastases, SLNB provides prognostic data and allows for earlier intervention. (more)


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