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Retinal Camera

Canon has announced that its CR-2 Digital Nonmydriatic Retinal Camera has received 510(k) clearance from the FDA.

Weighing 33 pounds, the retinal camera is intended to be easily installed and transported when needed. It features an illuminated control panel for easy navigation in darkened rooms, while a white LED lamp is designed to use less power than a xenon tube and to last approximately twice as long.

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Direct Image Lenses

Volk Optical has expanded its Disposable Vitrectomy Lens line with five new direct image lenses that are designed to provide excellent visualization for a range of vitrectomy procedures.

The surface quality and light transmission of the new lenses are intended to overcome the optical quality issues associated with disposable lenses and to ensure the best possible optics for viewing all segments of the retina.

They are designed with an integrated silicone stabilizing ring that holds the lenses on the cornea without the need for an assistant or sutures—reducing surgical prep time and trauma to the patient.

Five types of direct image lenses are available: the flat lens (36-degree field of view, 1x magnification) for views of the posterior pole; the magnifying lens (30-degree field of view, 1.5x magnification) to visualize central retinal pathology in greater detail; the wide field lens (48-degree field of view, 0.5x magnification) for wider field of views than the standard flat lens; the bi-concave lens (25-degree field of view, 0.8x magnification) for air-fluid exchange procedures; and the 30-degree prism lens (33-degree field of view/30-degree offset, 1x magnification) for off-axis retinal views.

The lenses come in a ready-to-use sterile package and are discarded after each procedure.

Volk Optical
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Prism Eyewear

Eschenbach has introduced the MiniFrame Bifo, a pair of bifocals with the top segment of each lens providing 3 D in power and the bottom segment providing either 4.5, 6 or 7.5 D.

The MiniFrame Bifo is offered in four different frame colors (gun metal, gold, blue and red), and it features a molded one-piece bridge. It is designed for those patients who need a low-powered reader for normal text, but who also need a pair of high-powered prismatic lenses to read fine print.

A protective leatherette case is provided with each pair. A display piece that holds three of the spectacles is also available with the purchase of six pairs.

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Corneal Transplant Eye Model

Gulden Ophthalmics has released a new eye model designed to aid patients in understanding corneal transplantation procedures.

The Corneal Transplant Eye Model can be used to show where and how incisions are made—either by trephine or laser—to remove the old cornea, where the new donor cornea will be placed and where fine sutures will be made to secure it.

The model depicts the cornea, the pupil, the iris ring of muscle fibers, the sclera and the blood vessels that vascularize it, and the anterior chamber.

The Corneal Transplant Eye Model is a companion piece to the company’s Cornea Eye Model, which includes interchangeable corneas that demonstrate to patients bullous keratopathy, Fuchs endothelial dystrophy, keratoconus, recurrent corneal erosion and a normal cornea.

Gulden Ophthalmics
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Therapeutic Eye Patch

DrPatch has released a therapeutic eye patch.

This reusable, residue-free film is completely opaque and adhesive, and it is designed for individuals who require corrective eye treatment through the occlusion of one eye. The patch is affixed directly on the eyeglass lens and is made to fit all types of glasses.

The product was first created for children and offered in a variety of bright, playful designs; a more understated version is also available for adults.

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