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One Cool CATT
The NEI released the results of the Comparison of AMD Treatments Trial (CATT) on April 28.

"The impact of this trial will go far beyond AMD, beyond retina and beyond ophthalmology." Academy CEO/EVP David W. Parke II, MD, assesses the trial.

Getting Clear on Refractive Lens Exchange

Who is offering clear lens exchange? Some glaucoma specialists see enhanced IOP management and possible reimbursement in this surgery. (more)
Clinical Update

Sneak Peek at Next Month's Issue: Tips and Tricks of the Peripheral Retinal Exam

In May's EyeNet, Clinical Update will discuss indirect ophthalmoscopy with scleral indentation to identify retinal tears and other abnormalities.

The article refers to the online course titled “Peripheral Retinal Lesions in Profile” by Norman E. Byer, MD. This slideshow is excerpted from that course.

Come back next month to read the full story.


Mystery Image: What do you see?

Morning Rounds

The Case of the Blurry-Eye Graphic Designer

The occasional blurriness in his right eye—which he initially shrugged off as eyestrain—had been going on for several months. What's your diagnosis? (more)

Who Are the Health Care Varmints? A Tale of Two Canoes

Yesterday, in a daydream, I visualized Yosemite Sam cockily floating downstream with one foot in each of two canoes. Should one canoe capsize or hit the rocks, Sam would step in the other and continue his pursuit of varmints. Then I wryly recalled how I’m getting to that age, with one foot in the health care provider canoe, and the other foot in the consumer of care canoe. Unfortunately, in spite of health insurance reform, I’ve noticed that both of my canoes are rapidly taking on water. (more)

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