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September 2011 EyeNet

The Aesthetic Facial Exam: Planning for Beautiful Results

How to discern the look your patients desire, counsel them on what’s realistic and plan the sequence of procedures that will meet their expectations. (more)

Ophthalmic Pearls: Orbit

Self-enucleation is an uncommon event, most often occurring in patients with a functional or toxic psychosis. As with external traumatic enucleation, attempted or successful self-enucleation may result in significant damage to ocular structures, including the globe, conjunctiva, extraocular muscles, blood vessels, optic nerve and chiasm. (more)

In the video above, Dr. Jennifer L. Rizzo repositions the globe after an attempted self-enucleation.

September 2011 Blink
Morning Rounds

A Disc Dilemma

The 12-year-old had been referred to us because the vision in his right eye had declined from 20/20 to 20/40 in one month. What's your diagnosis? (more)
September 2011 Morning Rounds
EyeNet Extra: EHR Essentials
Download an advanced copy of this guide to qualifying for the EHR bonus plus a list of vendors who'll be in Orlando for this year's Annual Meeting. This supplement is also mailed with the October issue of EyeNet Magazine. EHR Essentials

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