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November/December 2011

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Looking at the latest clinical issues through an international lens:

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Glaucoma Research on Two Fronts: The Brain and the “Drain”

Updates on key research findings on neurological issues associated with glaucoma and trabecular meshwork dysfunction that impairs aqueous flow.

The slideshow below focuses on the effect of glaucoma on the visual pathways, especially the lateral geniculate nucleus. Findings are presented from both primate and human models.

Morning Rounds

The Rifleman Who Changes His View

This sharpshooter had enjoyed tours of duty around the globe, but he was now worried about fluctuating vision in his left eye. What's your diagnosis?
Nov/Dec Morning Rounds

Dr. Wink’s Forty Winks: A Parable for Our Time?

In the 21st century, our attention spans are said to be getting ever shorter, as we gobble our news in short bites and our text messages in bytes shorter still. But even in the 19th century, readers were drawn to short stories. One of them bears retelling in an updated, even shorter version relevant to ophthalmology.
Richard P. Mills

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