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January 2012

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Looking at the latest clinical issues through an international lens:

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Special Needs, Special Lenses: Update on Contacts

Scleral, hybrid and customized lenses are expanding the range of therapeutic and refractive applications. Catch up on recent developments.

Clinical Update: Cornea

Patients With Fuchs and Cataract: Staged or Combined Procedures?

The patient with Fuchs corneal endothelial dystrophy (FCED) and current or potential need for cataract surgery poses several questions for the ophthalmologist. (1) Is the patient's vision impaired by FCED, cataract, or both? (2) If both, should the corneal and cataract surgeries take place in separate or combined sessions? (3) And if only FCED is currently affecting vision, should the lens be removed prophylactically?

In the video above, Mark S. Gorovoy, MD, performs a Descemet stripping automated endothelial keratoplasty as a single procedure in a patient with FCED.

Blink Small
Morning Rounds

Behind the Masquerade

After months of persistent blurry vision and pain in her left eye, the 42-year-old consulted an optometrist, who treated her for glaucoma. What's your diagnosis?

The Reasons for Going Monthly More Than Meets the Eye?

With great fanfare, I am proud to announce that EyeNet will appear each and every month starting in 2012. What? You hadn’t noticed that your favorite trade publication has been issues 10 times a year? Here are our top 10 meta-reasons that would never have occurred to you why we went from 10 to 12.
Richard P. Mills

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