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April 2012


Cataract + Glaucoma: New Options May Change the Equation

With novel devices available and in the pipeline, ophthalmologists may be rethinking their surgical management of coexisting cataract and glaucoma.

Ophthalmic Pearls: Retina

Macular Edema Associated With Fingolimod

In this month’s Ophthalmic Pearls, EyeNet discusses a new treatment for multiple sclerosis and how it may affect the eye in some patients.

The OCT video in three dimensions above shows a sample case of fingolimod-associated macular edema.

The video is courtesy of M. Tariq Bhatti, MD.

Morning Rounds

The Cataract Complication That Wasn’t

One month after an uncomplicated cataract operation, the patient returned, complaining of headaches, decreased vision, and eyelid swelling and pain. What's your diagnosis?

Allocation of Medical Care: Is Rational Better Than Rationed?

As ophthalmologists, we have opportunities to use health care resources wisely, based on evidence of safety and effectiveness, in the context of the particular needs and circumstances of the patient, along with consideration of cost. Perhaps a rallying call might be, “Rational choices—not rationed choices.”
Richard P. Mills

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