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August 2012

Off-Label Anti-VEGF Therapy: Targeting New Conditions

The decision to use an approved drug for a new indication gets to the heart of the practice of medicine. It's legal, and doctors do it every day, exercising their clinical judgment and acumen. The expansion of anti-VEGF drugs across a multitude of conditions is a case in point—and it raises important questions about when to use a drug and when to think twice.

Multimedia Extra: Ophthalmic Pearls
In this month's Oculoplastics Pearls, EyeNet discusses endoscopic forehead and eyebrow lift.

The video above demonstrates how to perform the procedure.

August 2012 Blink
Morning Rounds

A Haircut to Hide Her Eye

Now that our patient was heading toward high school, she wanted to have her droopy left upper eyelid fixed at last.

What's your diagnosis?

August 2012 Morning Rounds

As We Look to Save Health Care Dollars, What to Do About the Valetudinarian?

Valetudinarians are sometimes confused with hypochondriacs. They couldn't be more different. The hypochondriac thinks he's always ill, but the valetudinarians takes excessive care to make sure that he doesn't fall ill.

They are among our most reliable and grateful patients. But they are disproportionately time-consuming, and they make me wonder whether I am really using my medical education to its highest purpose by looking after well patients.

August 2012 Opinion

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