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Noninfectious Uveitis: Optimizing Drug Therapy

A dearth of uveitis specialists and widespread lack of familiarity with published treatment guidelines leave treatment gaps and less-than-optimal care for many patients.

In EyeNet's October Feature, four experts discuss better ways to control chronic inflammation.

Multimedia Extra: Ophthalmic Pearls
In this month's Cornea Pearls, EyeNet presents a primer on the classification and treatment of acid and alkali burns.

The slide show above follows the case of a chef who suffered an acute grade IV chemical burn. She underwent amniotic membrane transplantation and eventual ocular surface reconstruction.

(Images provided courtesy of Kathryn Colby, MD, PhD, © American Academy of Ophthalmology.)

October 2012 Blink
Morning Rounds

The Girl Who Was Bugged by Her Sight

The 9-year-old's medical and family history was normal, but her mother observed that the girl's handwriting had begun to change, with her letters increasing in size.

What's your diagnosis?

October 2012 Morning Rounds

Physician Behavior: Are We Creatures of Habit?

By the time residents have finished their training, they have acquired many of their mentors’ habits, rejected others as quirky, and formed some of their own. But these habits are still very plastic, subject to change in the face of new evidence or on the basis of a patient experience. At some point, though, the habits begin to become more entrenched.

So, I ask you: When do these habits become so difficult to change? And is there hope they can be modified cost-effectively?

October 2012 Opinion

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