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May 2013

Diabetic Retinal Disease: Keeping Up With Evolving Therapies

Anti-VEGF drugs, laser, steroids, and even systemic therapies—more options are available than ever before. Learn how you can incorporate these new approaches into your practice.

Love and Money

Also in this issue, David W. Parke II, MD, discusses integration in health care and why you need to be at the table as an active participant.
Multimedia Extra: Clinical Update
This month’s Cataract Clinical Update discusses a novel technique for fixation of an intraocular lens in the absence of capsular support: sutureless, fibrin glue–assisted PCIOL implantation with intrascleral tunnel fixation—or, as it is more commonly known, glued IOL.

In the video above, Dr. Amar Agarwal performs this procedure in a patient with lens coloboma.

Video provided courtesy of Dr. Agarwal’s Group of Eye Hospitals.

May 2013 Blink
Morning Rounds

A Splitting Dilemma

The 5-year-old boy became worried when he suddenly experienced painless loss of vision and the appearance of dark shadows in his left eye. Even so, he initially kept his observation to himself, not wanting to ruin his family’s long-awaited vacation in Miami. Finally, after three days passed without any improvement in his vision, he told his mother, who rushed him to our ophthalmologic emergency room.

What’s your diagnosis?

May 2013 Morning Rounds


Hospital Diversification and Alice’s Restaurant?

Since hospitals are already into upscale food service, it's just a matter of time before hospitals develop "satellite" gourmet restaurants, just like their satellite primary care clinics. According to hospital administrators, they will offer unique menus to build the elusive customer allegiance and repeat business that marketers crave. Of course, the restaurants will be subject to the same regulatory rules that apply to the hospital proper. This will lead to a new dining experience for patrons that may take a little getting used to.
May 2013 Opinion

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