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July 2013

Femtosecond for Cataract: Are Lasers Good for Business?

With surgical and facility fees falling, it might look like financial suicide to buy and use a femtosecond laser for cataract surgery. 

But early adopters are striving to develop financial models that they believe will pave the way toward widespread use of this high-tech device within a few years.


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Multimedia Extra: Feature
In this month’s Feature, “Femtosecond for Cataract: Are Lasers Good for Business?,” EyeNet takes a look at several financial models used by earlier adopters of the technology and examines the the costs and challenges that remain.

In the video above, Juan Batlle, MD, performs the femtosecond cataract surgery.

Video courtesy of William W. Culbertson, MD.


Multimedia Extra: Pearls

Also check out the video of Dr. Gobin performing ophthalmic artery chemosurgery.

July 2013 Blink
Morning Rounds

A Case of Double Trouble

When the patient first consulted her optometrist, she complained of blurry vision and a sensation of pressure in both eyes and reported that the symptoms had bothered her for one to two months. The optometrist noted that the 49-year-old’s corneas were “swollen” and placed her on 5 percent sodium chloride ointment and artificial tears. After six weeks of this treatment, there was no appreciable improvement, so she was referred to our service.

What’s your diagnosis?

July 2013 Morning Rounds


A Personal Medical Saga: Almost a Zombie?

Did I ever mention that I have had chronic lymphocytic leukemia almost as long as I have had EyeNet’s chief medical editorship? They are both incurable, I have learned. One can eventually kill you, but the other—especially crafting the Opinions—eventually saps you of all your good ideas. Today I am melding the two together, taking the unusual step of relating my personal death and recovery in the first person, in case it holds some interest for you.
July 2013 Opinion

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