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August 2013

Nutrition in the Fight Against Eye Disease

Once dismissed as a fringe interest in ophthalmology, nutrition gained mainstream respect when AREDS showed its effect in macular degeneration.

Sample some of the latest findings from a smorgasbord of research.


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Multimedia Extra: Clinical Update
This month’s Retina Clinical Update discusses the current status of, and remaining challenges for, retinal prosthetic devices in restoring visual function in patients who are blind from retinitis pigmentosa.

In the video above, J. Fernando Arevalo, MD, and colleagues at King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, implant an Argus II retinal prosthesis.

Video provided courtesy of Dr. Arevalo.

August 2013 Blink
Morning Rounds

An Un-Nerving Case of Profound and Painful Vision Loss

The patient was in a panic. One Monday morning, the otherwise healthy 48-year-old suddenly noticed a gray, crescent-shaped scotoma across the superior visual field of her right eye.

Over the next four days, as the scotoma expanded to encompass her entire visual field, she noted a new aching sensation around that eye.

What’s your diagnosis?

August 2013 Morning Rounds

Patient-Centered Care: The New Stampede?

As we confront the new patient-centered care system, our security blanket is the traditional physician-patient relationship. Patients still care greatly about what we say; they are just more interested in being active participants, rather than passive recipients as they were in the past.

This change in emphasis may be a stampede, but we cowboy (cowperson) ophthalmologists should be able to corral it.

August 2013 Opinion

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