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October 2013

Glaucoma Pipeline Drugs: Targeting the Trabecular Meshwork

Finding drugs that affect outflow through the trabecular meshwork—without intolerable side effects—has long been an elusive goal. Are we getting closer to bringing new classes of drugs to market?

Experts who follow drug development are hopeful that we're on the brink of reaping the benefits of years of research.


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Multimedia Extra: The Big-Bubble Technique for DALK

In the video above, Donald T.H. Tan, MBBS, demonstrates the big-bubble technique for performing deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty (DALK).

Read more. What are the pros and cons of big-bubble DALK, and why do most U.S. surgeons still choose penetrating keratoplasty for patients with keratoconus? To find out, read Big-Bubble DALK: Is It Right for Your Practice?

Video provided courtesy of Dr. Tan

October 2013 Blink
Morning Rounds

Take Your Eye off the Ball

A 14-year-old girl was struck in the right eye with a tennis ball and suffered immediate loss of vision.

Once the hyphema and ocular hypertension resolved, she had a 4-D hyperopic shift in the affected eye. Her previous ocular history included a myopic refractive error, with both eye achieving 20/20 vision with –3.75 D of spherical correction.

What’s your diagnosis?

October 2013 Morning Rounds

Big Data? When a Mere Datum Won't Do

The IRIS Registry brings the potential for huge improvements in quality of patient care. This will be accomplished in an environment of complete privacy, both for the patients and for the participating ophthalmologists. It will automatically harvest data from the electronic health records of each practice; little time will be required from the Academy member or office staff.

Participation will be voluntary, but a critical mass of participants will ensure its success.

October 2013 Opinion

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