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November 2013

Academy Live 2013

FOLLOW THE HIGHLIGHTS OF THE ANNUAL MEETING. Emailed nightly from New Orleans, Academy Live allows ophthalmologists throughout the world to stay on top of news from the Academy's Subspecialty Day and Annual Meeting. Check your inbox for the latest meeting highlights or read Academy Live online.

Untangling Retinal Vein Occlusion

Second only to diabetic retinopathy as a leading cause of retinal vascular blindness, RVO is often linked with other ocular diseases. Five retina experts share what they’ve learned from their clinical experience and from recent RVO studies.


This month, check out EyeNet's Academy News for the latest news and events in New Orleans, as well as meeting tips and an in-depth look at the show floor—available online and at the convention center Nov. 15 and 17.

And don't miss EyeNet Selections: The Best of Retina—a recap of the year's important discoveries, issues, and trends in the subspecialty—as well as the Guide to Academy Exhibitors.

Multimedia Extra: Avoiding the PQRS Penalty Is Easy

In the slideshow above, Sue Vicchrilli, COT, OCS, explains how to avoid the PQRS penalty. (For full-screen view, click bottom-right corner of the slide.)

Read more. For a one-page guide that complements this month's slideshow, read PQRS—What You Must Do Now to Avoid a Financial Penalty in 2015.

November 2013 Blink
Morning Rounds

The Case of Stubborn Conjunctivitis

The patient came to our clinic complaining of a one-week history of redness, tearing, and irritation in both eyes. The 68-year-old retired teacher told us that she had a long history of dry eyes and blepharitis that had been previously treated at a community clinic. In addition, her medical history was significant for seasonal allergies and breast cancer.

What’s your diagnosis?

November 2013 Morning Rounds
EyeNet Extra

EHRs & Data Exchange

Despite the proliferation of EHRs and digital imaging devices, workflow efficiency has frequently been hobbled by proprietary standards—but that may be changing.

Increasingly, private practices are asking vendors to streamline the flow of data between their devices and EHRs. And Stage 2 of the government’s meaningful use (MU) regulations places an increased focus on the free flow of electronic health information, both in terms of MD-MD communications and MD-patient communications.

In this EyeNet Extra, experts share tips on MU regulations and pearls on integrating diagnostic devices with EHRs.
EyeNet Extra: EHRs & Data Exchange

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