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Is DMEK on the Rise? How This Evolving Surgery Compares With DSAEK

Although indications for these procedures are similar, each has unique benefits and drawbacks.

Five experts look at DMEK and DSAEK—their learning curves, visual results, rejection rates, and attachment challenges—and illuminate the strengths and weaknesses of the newer procedure relative to DSAEK.


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Multimedia Extra: Injection Protocol for Intracameral Antibiotics

In the video above, Neal H. Shorstein, MD, demonstrates the basic protocol for intracameral use of cefuroxime.

Read more. Should more cataract surgeons set aside their doubts and add intracameral antibiotic injections to their endophthalmitis-prevention routines? Find out what the evidence shows in this month's Comprehensive Clinical Update.

December 2013 Blink
Morning Rounds

The Case of a Narrow Escape

A 64-year-old minister began to notice brief episodes of double vision. He had been diagnosed with a small macular hole in his left eye 25 years earlier but had no other significant ocular history. He consulted an ophthalmologist, who found optic disc elevation in both eyes and abnormal visual fields. A lumbar puncture revealed an opening pressure of 39 cm water; the cerebrospinal fluid was normal. He was diagnosed with idiopathic intracranial hypertension, prescribed 1 gram of acetazolamide daily, and referred to our office.

What’s your diagnosis?

December 2013 Morning Rounds

Musings About Muses: How EyeNet Opinions Are Born

It always amazes me that people think the most challenging thing about writing a monthly column is coming up with ideas. Like most people, I lie in bed on occasion with my mind racing, overflowing, with ideas. So having the ideas isn’t the problem. I would submit that the truly challenging thing is choosing a particular idea from among the multitude of options, one that can come alive for the reader and resonate with his or her professional experience.

For that, you need a muse.

December 2013 Opinion

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