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January 2014

HIV and the Eye: Lessons Learned, Challenges Remain

With the 25th anniversary of the groundbreaking Studies of Ocular Complications of AIDS, four experts reflect on the achievements of the past—and the challenges of the future—in treating HIV-related eye disease.


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Multimedia Extra: Descemet's Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasy

In the slideshow above, Leejee H. Suh, MD, demonstrates how to perform DSAEK surgery.

Read more. Interested in a step-by-step review of the procedure? This month's Cornea Clinical Update covers everything from patient selection to postop care.

January 2014 Blink
Morning Rounds

The Case of a Curious Scratch

It all started with a simple eye scratch. About 14 days before the patient came to our emergency room, he noted a minor foreign-body sensation in his left eye. The 40-year-old was working outside, but he took the time to go inside and wash his eye out with tap water at the kitchen sink. Unfortunately, that did not solve the problem. Instead, his eye became red and painful, and he developed a severe discharge and significant degree of vision loss in that eye. 

What’s your diagnosis?

January 2014 Morning Rounds

Forming Eye Care Teams: An Organizational First Step?

Last summer, a historic first meeting took place between the leaderships of the Academy and the American Academy of Optometry. Some among us feel that this is the quintessential “camel’s nose in the tent,” while others express guarded optimism that the two organizations can achieve together what they cannot on their own.

In writing about my own personal opinions, I’m likely to stir some passions, but please understand I am not speaking on behalf of (either) AAO.

January 2014 Opinion

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