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March 2014

Cataract Complications: What Would You Do?

At last November’s Cataract Spotlight Session, audience members voted on a full range of video studies highlighting myriad clinical challenges. 

These cases run the gamut of what could go wrong, from instrument failures and snafus to suprachoroidal effusion and descending nuclei.


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Multimedia Extra: Cataract Spotlight
"Cataract Complications" is based on the Spotlight on Cataract Surgery Session that took place during the 2013 Annual Meeting. That session was organized around 18 video cases.

This month’s feature story brings you three videos, plus the audience poll results and thoughtful expert discussion. View the first video here. (Video courtesy of the American Academy of Ophthalmology.)

March 2014 Blink
Morning Rounds

He Just Wanted to Take a Good Photo

The 50-year-old patient had grown increasingly resistant to being photographed because of facial swelling. The swelling initially started in the upper outer quadrant of each eyelid.

Over a three-year period, it had expanded to the point that it was now causing significant visual impairment. His vision was now blurry enough that, even with correction, he had to close his right eye while driving.

What’s your diagnosis?

March 2014 Morning Rounds

Sharing the Visual Experience: Life on Instant Replay?

Ophthalmology is a visual specialty in more than one sense of the word. Not only do ophthalmologists take care of eyes, and thereby the sense of sight, but our knowledge is fundamentally image based. “Seeing is believing” is a saying so old that the original source is not known, but it certainly applies to modern ophthalmic diagnosis.

And the Academy has a huge storehouse of ophthalmic images that it has now made available to members without charge, as a member benefit, through the ONE Network.

March 2014 Opinion

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