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July 2014

Acquired Optic Neuropathy: First, Undo Harm

Keeping track of the toxins and nutritional deficiencies that can cause permanent bilateral blindness is no small task. 

Cued by signature signs and symptoms, however, the clinician can spot many culprits before irrevocable harm is done.


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Multimedia Extra: Coexisting Retinal Disease
The slideshow above provides an overview of how to effectively insert a Malyugin ring. 

Read more. This month’s Cataract Clinical Update takes a look at surgery in patients with coexisting retinal disease.

July 2014 Blink
Morning Rounds

The Case of Curvy, Blurry Lines

The patient, worried about a sudden decrease in the vision of her left eye, consulted her regular ophthalmologist. After examining the 34-year-old teacher, they ordered lab tests for suspected chorioretinitis and sent her to us for a retinal evaluation. Her previous exam performed in that office had noted 20/20 vision in both eyes, with blepharitis being the only abnormal finding.

What's your diagnosis?

July 2014 Morning Rounds

Could It Be Worse? It Could Be Worse.

A Norwegian tour guide once told me it was a national mantra to parry complaints with the “It could be worse …” phrase. As I pondered this, I realized it could also apply to complaints arising within one’s self, never verbalized to others.

It’s a pretty nifty trick, turning two negative thoughts into something that makes one feel better. On arrival back home, I decided to try this newly learned quality-of-life technique myself. A good candidate for this experiment was the Congressional stalemate on how to fund a repeal of the Sustainable Growth Rate.

July 2014 Opinion

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