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August 2014

Perspectives on Presbyopia: Four Patients, Five Experts

How can clinicians help presbyopic patients achieve their visual goals?

Five experts present their preferred approaches in a case-based discussion.


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Multimedia Extra: A Distressing Case of Waxing and Waning Bilateral Keratitis
The slideshow above complements this month’s Morning Rounds.

Read more. A 35-year-old bridge painter experienced a foreign body sensation bilaterally. He removed his contact lenses and used water to flush his eyes. After being diagnosed with a corneal abrasion in his right eye, the patient was treated with gatifloxacin and loteprednol etabonate. The abrasion healed, but he developed an apparently spontaneous infectious keratitis in his left eye.

August 2014 Blink
Ophthalmic Pearls

Healing a Persistent Corneal Epithelial Defect

Healthy corneal epithelium is essential in protecting the eye against infection and structural damage to deeper tissues. A nonhealing, or persistent, epithelial defect occurs when there is a failure of the mechanisms promoting corneal epithelialization within the normal two-week time frame.

Managing a recalcitrant nonhealing defect may require a stepwise escalation of therapies to avoid corneal perforation and visual loss.

August 2014 Ophthalmic Pearls

Does It Seem Too Slick? Could Be Health Insurance Jargon.

One of the smoking guns of evidence in the government’s case against General Motors (GM) for delayed auto recalls was a 2008 GM PowerPoint presentation outlining 69 words or phrases never to be used by employees while discussing potential recalls.

Now that GM is enjoined in the settlement from “diluting the safety message” with such employee training, where can all the spinmeisters find work? In the health insurance industry, of course.

August 2014 Opinion

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