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Infectious Uveitis: New Challenges Emerge

The permeability of global boundaries means that syphilis and tuberculosis are back, and new pathogens are emerging. 

What are the leading etiologies?


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Multimedia Extra: Feature
The slideshow above presents five case reports of patients with infectious uveitis.

Read more. Infectious uveitis encompasses an impressive array of potential pathogens and presentations—some familiar and others newly emergent in an increasingly global ophthalmic world. These microorganisms demand the attention of all ophthalmologists, any one of whom may encounter a patient with a puzzling presentation related to an infectious cause.

September 2014 Blink
Morning Rounds

Pain and Blurred Vision After Catching a Red Eye Flight

A 32-year-old woman was dropped off at the airport after a long weekend visiting family. The one-hour commercial flight seemed uneventful. After catching a taxi from the airport, she went to bed.

When she woke the next morning, she was distressed to experience pain, lid swelling, and blurry vision in her left eye. After suffering for 10 hours, she arrived at the emergency department.

September 2014 Morning Rounds

What’s in a Name? Inference Abounds

When we hear the name of a thing uttered, our minds rush to inferences about that thing, the first impression gained thereby being strong indeed.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology could just as easily have been called the American Academy of Ophthalmologists. So why wasn’t it? Did the founders choose the name wisely?

Come along with me as I examine the inferences induced by the two alternatives.

September 2014 Opinion

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