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FOLLOW THE HIGHLIGHTS OF AAO 2014. Emailed nightly from Chicago, Academy Live allows ophthalmologists throughout the world to stay on top of news from the Academy's Subspecialty Day and AAO 2014. Check your inbox for the latest meeting highlights and read Academy Live online later this month.

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Experts discuss how to identify OCT image artifacts and walk through sample readouts, pointing out problems and how they can be corrected.


This month, check out EyeNet's Academy News for the latest news and events in Chicago, available online and at the convention center Oct. 17 and 19. Also, be sure to read "Sen. Rand Paul to Deliver Parker Heath Lecture" (available as an EyeNet Web Extra), an in-depth look at the featured speaker.

And don't miss EyeNet Selections: The Best of Retina—a recap of the year's important discoveries and trends in the subspecialty—as well as the Guide to Academy Exhibitors.

Multimedia Extra: Clinical Update
The slideshow above complements this month's Clinical Update: Toric IOL Calculation—Consider the Posterior Cornea.

Read more. Evaluating a cataract patient’s astigmatic error isn’t just about the shape of the front of the eye anymore. Failure to include posterior corneal curvature in the presurgical calculations can bring unwanted refractive surprises for both doctor and patient.

October 2014 Blink
Morning Rounds

A Downhill Course

He had a terrible headache. The 47-year-old Chinese American furniture mover was usually able to work through aches and pains, but this headache had continued for the past two weeks.

He tried over-the-counter medicines—and acupuncture—but nothing seemed to help. When he noticed his vision becoming more blurry, he decided it was finally time to see a doctor.

October 2014 Morning Rounds
EyeNet Extra

Get More From Your EHR

How can you save your practice time and money while improving patient care?

Spend less time on data input. By implementing a patient portal, you can encourage patients to schedule their own appointments and input their own demographic data.

Do more with your data. If you want an easy way to analyze your data and report PQRS, integrate your EHR with the IRIS Registry.

In this EyeNet Extra, eight experts provide you with tips like these on how to get the most from your system.
EyeNet Extra: Get More From Your EHR

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