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Two Approaches to MIGS: iStent & Trabectome

With medication and laser on one end and trabeculectomy and tube shunts on the other, MIGS is poised to occupy the middle ground. But which patients are the best candidates? 

Here’s an overview of surgical pearls and a look at some key considerations.


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Multimedia Extra: Feature
The slideshow above provides a close-up view of a MIGS procedure, using the Trabectome.

Read more. Two MIGS devices are on the market, with more in the pipeline. But which patients are the best candidates? A look at pearls, considerations, and cautions.

November 2014 Blink
Morning Rounds

A Long Haul for the Construction Worker

Over the past month, he had been treated as an outpatient for panuveitis in his right eye. He wasn’t a complainer; working construction jobs in the desert all his life had taught him not to sweat the small things. He had been through a lot in the past year and his vision kept getting worse.

Now, at the urging of his outpatient ophthalmologist, this 54-year-old Caucasian man was at the ER.

November 2014 Morning Rounds

Tied Up in Traffic? So Is Funding for Resident Education 

My favorite route to work used to involve a quick trip up a sparsely traveled road, and a U-turn for a half-mile, to a freeway entrance that was seldom busy. When congestion was present, I had a couple of alternate routes to employ. Life was good until the State Transportation wizards decided to improve traffic on the chronically congested routes I consistently avoided. Doing so involved destruction (literally) of my precious bypass route. What to do?

Ophthalmology residencies are facing an analogous dilemma, as Congress threatens to simplify the complex system of subsidies for graduate medical education.

November 2014 Opinion

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