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Wet AMD Look-alikes

Take a look at several conditions that are easily confused with wet AMD, and learn how multimodal imaging can help make the diagnosis.


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Multimedia Extra: News in Review
The video above complements this month’s News in Review article on the Femtosecond Laser–Assisted Cataract Surgery.

Read more. A European coalition of cataract surgery researchers put Big Data to work in recent research comparing the results of cataract surgery performed with and without femtosecond laser assistance.

December 2014 Blink
Morning Rounds

From Loss of Weight to Loss of Vision—11 Years of Symptoms That Baffled Physicians

The patient presented to our eye clinic with a six-month history of episodic bilateral vision loss. She described “blackouts” in both eyes that occurred several times a day, each lasting approximately 15 seconds. The 36-year-old told us that these episodes had been steadily increasing in frequency and seemed to be precipitated by standing up from a sitting position.
December 2014 Morning Rounds

An Epic Struggle Looms: What’s Wrong With the Big EHRs? 

If you have been living in a cave, EHR as the acronym for electronic health record might have escaped you. But, I suspect, if you’ve been confronted with the daily clinical hassles associated with current EHRs, a cave is where you wish you had been.

The best analogy I’ve come up with is that experiencing today’s EHR marketplace is a lot like living with teenagers. Having grown too fast over the last few years, they are awkward, surly, uncoordinated, picky, spendthrift, and immature. And they have plenty of zits. Despite their many different personalities, they all strive to emulate each other. They have great potential, yet most of it is unrealized.

December 2014 Opinion

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