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The State of Generic Drugs

Rising prices and frequent shortages of nonproprietary drugs seem to be plaguing ophthalmology. A look at the forces at work behind this ongoing issue.


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Multimedia Extra: Clinical Update
The video above demonstrates the basic techniques of four-mirror (Zeiss-type) gonioscopy.

Read more. In this month's MD Roundtable, Sanjay G. Asrani, MD, of the Duke Eye Center, leads a roundtable on diagnosing the narrow angle.

January 2015 Blink
Morning Rounds

Sudden Loss of Vision in a Young, Healthy Patient

As he went to bed one night, the 33-year-old Caucasian man was worried about his right eye, which had been experiencing blurry vision—both at near and at distance—for two days.

When he awoke, he could see only shapes and shadows with that eye, so he went to the emergency room. The patient denied having any eye pain, discharge, headache, double vision, or history of

January 2015 Morning Rounds


"Self-refraction is coming!” is best shouted repetitively, à la Chicken Little, intending to alarm anyone who is listening. But just as the sky didn’t fall, it’s likely that the self-refraction alarm will soon fade to ennui.

Like most disruptive technologies, self-refraction will change its industry irrevocably but mostly will not disrupt our professional position as ophthalmologists.

January 2015 Opinion

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