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Cataract Decisions

At last November’s Cataract Spotlight Session, audience members voted on a full range of video studies highlighting myriad clinical challenges. 

Learn solutions and surgical pearls from leading cataract surgeons.


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Multimedia Extra: Cataract Spotlight
"Cataract Decisions" is based on the Spotlight on Cataract Surgery Session that took place during AAO 2014. That session was organized around seven video cases.

This month’s feature story brings you two of those videos, plus the audience poll results and thoughtful expert discussion. View the first video here. (Video courtesy of the American Academy of Ophthalmology.)

February 2015 Blink
Morning Rounds

More Than Meets the Eye

All the patient wanted was a new pair of glasses. A week prior to seeing us, he paid a visit to his regular eye doctor because he felt he was overdue for an eye exam. He now found himself in our clinic being evaluated for a “suspicious lesion” in his right eye. He was a 32-year-old Caucasian man who had no visual complaints and was anxious about the possible news he could receive in our office.

February 2015 Morning Rounds

The Law of Averages: Uninformed Consent?

Early in my residency, I thought that carefully explaining the risk-benefit ratio to patients would cause logic to prevail.

Naturally, I was disappointed when I discovered that logic had little to do with our encounters.

February 2015 Opinion

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