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American Academy of Ophthalmology
Practice Transitions
To help you prepare for a practice transition, the Senior Ophthalmologist Committee has compiled the following resources, which include articles and reflections from past issues of Scope, as well as a list of related Academy resources.

Regular Features

Twilight - By W. Banks Anderson Jr., MD

     Time was
When rocking on the high ceilinged porch
Fireflies would float upward as if
On gassy exhalations from the grassy lawn.
Their lightning's demanded our pursuit and we would run
Through the blue grey twilight
Arms high and fingers spread, seining the air.

Success brought brown and orange and a special smell
Into little hollowed fists and also a touch of sadness
For the light we sought was cold
And the little bug only limped
With wings askew, folded, hiding its beacon.

     Time is
When success grows old and cold and
Goals float upward drifting out of reach.
Should I now rock by the screen in gloom
Waiting for twilight to fade to night?
Or should I push up, join in the chase,
Aim toward any bits of lightning in the dusk
Knowing well that it is only in the reach,

     Not in the grasping,
That joy is to be found in twilight.

An Ophthalmologist Winds Down - J. Kemper Campbell, MD
"I've seen things you people wouldn't believeā€¦" Rutger Hauer as the dying replicant in
Blade Runner.

Protected by latex free gauntlets and starched green armor
I descended through the rabbit hole
Into a hidden world backlit by the orange glow
Of a full summer moon.

Machines would buzz, beep, and hum
As snatches of conversation and bits of music echoed in the background
And invisible structures expanded enormously.
Droplets of blood became tsunamis
And imperceptible tremors became earthquakes.
I gently teased membranes more diaphanous than Queen Mab's veil,
Careful not to unleash the quivering jelly beneath.

Time would either rapidly evaporate in the pleasant anticipation
Of certain gratitude, freely granted for the use of familiar skill
Or would stop as my raising heartbeat and rapid breathing
Heralded unexpected, but ever lurking, difficulties.

My consciousness of each moment was never purer,
My vision never clearer, my movements never more precise.
Then suddenly as the mysterious universe had appeared,
It was gone.

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