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Acute Persistent Visual Loss: Retinal Detachment

Retinal detachment

What causes it?
Trauma, previous intraocular surgery, myopia, and aging are the main causes of retinal detachment.

A hole in the peripheral retina causes the two leaves of the retina to split apart. The patient loses sight first on the edge of the visual field. As the detachment spreads toward the fovea, central vision is lost. New floaters and flashes often precede or accompany the detachment. To view a video about retinal detachment, click here.

What to do?
Refer immediately. Retinal detachment should be repaired before it spreads to the macula and impairs visual acuity. Once that happens, the chances of a good visual result are much lower.

To learn more, go to Principal Ophthalmic Conditions: Retinal Detachment.

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