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What is it?
Endophthalmitis is an infection of the inside of the eye. It may be introduced from the outside by corneal infection, trauma or surgery, or reach the eye from an internal source via the blood stream. Unless endophthalmitis is treated immediately and vigorously, the eye will be destroyed.

How does it present?
Symptoms of endophthalmitis are periocular pain and loss of sight. The conjunctiva is diffusely red and the eyelids are swollen. The cornea may be hazy, and careful inspection will disclose a white meniscus at the base of the anterior chamber. This meniscus is a layer of pus ("hypopyon").

What to do?
Refer immediately to an ophthalmologist. Management involves aspiration of the aqueous and vitreous to determine the causative organism and instillation of appropriate antibiotics. The chances of preserving useful vision depend on the nature of the pathogen and the timeliness of treatment.

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