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Young Ophthalmologists
2014 Young Ophthalmologist (YO) Committee

The core purpose of the Young Ophthalmologist Committee and its three subcommittees – YO advocacy subcommittee, YO Info editorial board and YO international subcommittee is to address the educational needs of younger or new to practice ophthalmologists, communicating their concerns to the Academy leadership and supporting their membership and involvement in Academy activities. The major focus of these efforts is directed towards international and domestic members in residency, fellowship and the first five years of practice.

2014 YO Committee
The 2014 YO Committee.

2014 YO Committee
Robert F. Melendez, MD, MBA - chair
Brad H. Feldman, MD
Christopher P. O'Brien, MD, MBA, MPH
Purnima S. Patel, MD
Roma Patel, MD, MBA - member in training
Diana R. Shiba, MD
Jeff H. Pettey, MD
Julie H. Tsai, MD
Tamara R. Fountain, MD - secretary for member services

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2013 & 2014 YO Committee and YO Subcommittees
2013/2014 YO Committee and YO Subcommittee members.

2014 YO Subcommittees

YO Advocacy Subcommittee
Diana R. Shiba, MD - chair
Joseph T. Nezgoda, MD, MBA
Lindsay A. Rhodes, MD
Byron N. Wilkes, MD

YO International Subcommittee
Brad H. Feldman, MD - chair
R.V. Paul Chan, MD
Michael Feilmeier, MD
Sanjay R. Kedhar, MD
Anthony P. Khawaja, MBBS
Lauren E. Patty-Daskivich, MD
Grace Sun, MD

YO Info
Editorial Board
Natasha L. Herz, MD - chair
Brian T. Chan-Kai, MD
James G. Chelnis, MD
Edward H. Hu, MD, PhD
Janice C. Law, MD
David E. Vollman, MD, MBA
Elizabeth Yeu, MD