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February 2010

YO Info™ is the American Academy of Ophthalmology's newsletter for young ophthalmologists (YOs) — those in training as well as in their first few years in practice.

This newsletter provides YOs with information about practice management, coding and insurance questions, balancing work and family, and many other issues relevant to YOs. You'll also learn more about resources and services that are already available to you from the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Academy of Ophthalmic Executives (AAOE).

Practice Management
Claim Submission: Getting It Right the First Time
For those of you who process explanation of benefits (EOBs), what is more frustrating and time-consuming than to have a claim denied, which then requires reprocessing? The truth is, there are mistakes common to all practices that, if avoided, can lead to membership in the “clean claim club.”

Medicare Reform, EHR and Ethical ‘No-Fly Zones’: A Preview of the Mid-Year Forum
Concerned about how health care reform will change how you practice medicine? Are cuts to Medicare keeping you up at night? Do you wonder what the line between ophthalmology and optometry will look like 20 years from now? For insight on all these questions and more, you won’t want to miss this year’s Mid-Year Forum.

Getting a Better Employment Agreement, Part 1: How to Prepare
Anyone can land a job. A good employment agreement, however, is the result of effective negotiation. Follow the seven keys we’ll lay out in this two-part series on contract negotiation, and you can markedly increase your chances of getting more than just a job. This month: four keys to preparing well.

YO Info's new editor, Robert F. Melendez, MD, MBA
Dr. Melendez

Leader Profile: Rob Melendez, MD
You know him as YO Info’s new editor and you’ve probably read some of his contributions here and on the new Academy Online Community, but who is he? We sat down with Rob Melendez to learn more about his career path and how this one-time would-be optometrist became a leader in ophthalmology.

NEW! Boards Prep
YO Info
helps you prepare for the big test with questions from ProVision. Join the YO Group on to get the answers and share board-prep tips and questions with other YOs.

1. Cataract/Anterior Segment
A 27-year-old nurse presents with a complaint of blurred vision in her left eye. Her right pupil is normal; her left pupil is widely dilated (See Figure 1) and does not respond to either light or accommodation. What is the most likely diagnosis?

A. Pharmacologic mydriasis
B. Adie's tonic pupil
C. Physiologic anisocoria
D. Left third cranial nerve palsy
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2. Glaucoma
Which of the following is considered the least common cause of neovascular glaucoma?

A. Carotid occlusive disease
B. Diabetic retinopathy
C. Central retinal vein occlusion
D. Central retinal artery occlusion
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Events and Resources

Join Your Colleagues’ Discussions on the New Academy Online Community
As promised in last month’s YO Info, the Academy launched an exciting new community section on this month – and conversation’s already buzzing. Discuss tricky cases in one of our many subspecialty groups, or swap tips with other young ophthalmologists in the new YO Group. Why join? Tamara Fountain, MD, shares her reasons in the blog post, “My Community, my answer to a secure, professional place to network.”

Virtual Catalog Makes It Easier to Browse, Purchase Academy Products
The Academy’s virtual catalog makes it easier to browse and order hundreds of the Academy’s products and resources. Search for titles or content by keywords, bookmark pages, make notations, forward to staff and colleagues and purchase products. Pages are printer-friendly.

Featured Academy Resource: Tissue Procurement for Corneal Transplantation policy statement, revised January 2010.
As a service to its members and the public, the Academy has developed a variety of guidelines and policy statements related to quality eye care. YO Info will regularly include a link to a PPP, policy statement or other resource to help familiarize young ophthalmologists with these important resources.