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Young Ophthalmologists
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Resident Edition 2012

Editor's Note: Some of the following articles were updated in the 2013 edition or are no longer applicable. Where indicated, you will be directed to the most recent version. View the complete 2012 issue (PDF 569KB).

The Ideal Ophthalmology Resident: Nine Keys from a Program Director
In my 10 years as program director, I’ve worked with dozens of ophthalmology residents. With thanks to them, here are my nine “ABCs” on being an ideal ophthalmology resident.

2012-2013 OKAP Exam Reading Schedule
Follow this schedule, which starts in the second week of the 2012-2013 academic year, and you’ll finish in late February — leaving about a month to review other material and work on questions. View the 2013-2014 schedule.

Top 10 Pearls on How to Survive Being on Call
This article was updated for the 2013 edition.
From reading glasses to a call bag, 10 tips for giving the best care possible during late-night calls.

Becoming a Leader in Your Field: The Key You Won't Find in Clinic
You’re about to embark on the three-year path to becoming and eye physician and surgeon, but what your practice will look like someday is shaped by more than how hard you work in residency.

Ophthalmic Abbreviations
This article was updated for the 2013 edition.
This cheat sheet includes 149 basic abbreviations you’ll need to know.

Top Ophthalmology Resources for Written Boards/OKAP Exam
This article was updated for the 2013 edition.
Ten essential resources to add to your ophthalmic library, plus two great online sources to bookmark.

How to Conduct an Eight-Point Ophthalmology Exam
This article was updated for the 2013 edition.
From acuity to fundoscopy, a start-to-finish guide to the eight-point exam.

Top 10 Eye Emergencies
A photo guide to some of the most common eye emergencies you’ll treat. View the 2013 list of top eye emergencies.

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