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Young Ophthalmologists
Annual Meeting Archive from YO Info

You'll Always Remember Your First Annual Meeting 11/03/2014
“WOW!” This is the one word to describe AAO 2014. This year’s annual meeting in Chicago was my first, and it surpassed my expectations in every way. At the largest international gathering of eye care professionals, the Academy’s skill sessions and lectures were of the highest caliber and the lineup of fascinating exhibition booths was endless. Looking back, though, I’ll always remember the camaraderie and people that helped define my first meeting.
Insider’s Guide to Chicago, Pt. 2: Where to Take in Some Culture 10/08/2014
You'll definitely get a sense of the city's ambiance by eating and drinking locally during your stay in Chicago. But if you truly want to get in touch with the city’s pulse, save some time after the meeting and explore Chicago’s world-famous cultural institutions and attractions. Three local ophthalmologists provide their recommendations for the best landmarks, the best museums and the best strolls.
Insider’s Guide to Chicago, Pt. 1: Where to Eat and Drink 10/08/2014
Let’s face it. You’re not visiting Chicago for AAO 2014 only to waste precious time eating at a bad restaurant or drinking at some dull bar. Local ophthalmology residents give you an insider’s take on the places that definitely won’t disappoint.
5 Ways to Connect at AAO 2014 10/07/2014
Ophthalmologists will attend AAO 2014 for many reasons — whether it’s sharing clinical findings, learning new surgical techniques and practice management tips or simply window shopping for new equipment. But there’s another reason to visit Chicago that’s no less important — forging new relationships. Here are five of the more meaningful — and free! — ways to connect at the most important ophthalmology gathering in the world.
New to Practice? AAO 2014 Is Tailored Just for You 09/17/2014
Whether you’re just starting out in practice or a few years in, the Academy has you covered at this year’s AAO 2014 in Chicago. From determining the value of a practice to implementing the latest surgical advances, young ophthalmologists will have a wealth of knowledge at their disposal — and it all comes from the mouth of experts!
A Resident’s Guide to AAO 2014: Top 5 Reasons to Attend 08/13/2014
The transition from training to practice can be unsettling to say the least. During this time, young ophthalmologists (YOs) face a unique set of professional and personal demands and challenges. Fear not, though — at AAO 2014, the Academy will help guide you through the process. This month, YO Info takes a look at what the annual meeting has in store for residents and the top five reasons you should save the date.
5 Can’t-Miss Events for Young Ophthalmologists at AAO 2014 07/15/2014
For five days this autumn, tens of thousands of ophthalmologists from around the world will convene in Chicago to engage with their colleagues at AAO 2014 — an annual meeting like no other in terms of size and scope. Navigating this event might seem overwhelming, whether you’re trying to find the best sessions or track down the best eats and drinks. Over the next few months, YO Info will provide you with everything you’ll need for a successful meeting. Here, we’ll start off by looking at a few can’t-miss events, some great networking opportunities and how you can start prepping.
Found: Answers to a Third-Year Resident’s Most Pressing Question 12/03/2013
As I was getting my daily cardio workout walking from one end of the colossal New Orleans convention center to the other, the words of American Academy of Ophthalmology President Paul Sternberg, MD remained in my mind. “Most strategic plans fail because there is inadequate follow-through.”
Something for Everyone: A Resident Reports on Her First Annual Meeting 12/03/2013
I laid back in my seat, hoping for a long-awaited nap after the excitement of my first Academy meeting. However, the older gentleman sitting next to me noticed my Academy swag and stole away my nap with what ended up being a hearty discussion on ophthalmology across the generations.
Tchoupitoulas to Terpsichore: 2013 YO Program + Lagniappe 12/03/2013
After escaping residency in 2011, I entered a time-warp and suddenly found myself at the 2013 Academy meeting on a Sunday morning, armed with just a chicory coffee and fresh corporate-swag pen. Despite The Big Easy’s enticing Saturday night entertainment, the young ophthalmologists’ program, “It’s YO World - Jumpstart YOur Career,” proved the place to be. The program’s pertinent takeaways are too numerous to list. Nonetheless, I shall attempt to recite some of the highlights with play-by-play interjections. I hope you find it both informative and entertaining.
Insider's Guide to New Orleans, Pt. 4: Soak Up Some Culture 11/11/2013
You'll definitely get a sense of the city's ambiance by eating, drinking and dancing locally during your stay in New Orleans. But if you truly want to get in touch with the city's joie de vivre, be sure to save some time after the Annual Meeting ends to explore some of New Orleans's cultural institutions and attractions.
Insider's Guide to New Orleans, Pt. 3: Where to Drink 11/04/2013
From America's first cocktail, the Sazerac, to the infamous potion of sweet and tart, the Hurricane, New Orleans has a unique chapter all its own in the history of the hard stuff. In this third installment of the YO Info Insider's Guide to New Orleans, local ophthalmologists serve you with all that you'll need to know about its best dives, pubs, lounges and late-night jaunts.
Insider's Guide to New Orleans, Pt. 2: Classic New Orleans 10/28/2013
Be it food, nightlife, music — the essence of New Orleans lies in its amalgamation of influences, a fusion of Creole and French tastes with a dash of Spanish, African American and Native American traditions. Want to experience quintessential New Orleans for yourself? In this installment of the YO Info Insider's Guide to New Orleans, local ophthalmologists dish out tips on where to find the best of the best in the Big Easy — from oysters and beignets to gumbo and all that jazz on Frenchmen Street.
Insider's Guide to New Orleans, Pt. 1: Where to Eat 10/16/2013
Let’s face it. You don’t want to come to New Orleans for the Annual Meeting and waste any of your precious time eating at a bad restaurant or drinking at some boring bar. In this month’s YO Info, local ophthalmology residents pull back the curtain and give you an insider’s take on the places to eat that definitely won’t disappoint.
A Procrastinator’s Guide to the 2013 Annual Meeting 10/15/2013
A career in ophthalmology is not one commonly associated with copious amounts of free time – especially if you’re in residency. Throw in exam cramming, fellowship interviews, research and a healthy personal life, and the Annual Meeting is likely to sneak up on the best of planners. But if you have just decided to attend or have been putting off arrangements, never fear. This month, YO Info compiles everything that you’ll need to make last-minute preparations: from finalizing travel plans and registering onsite to selecting courses and making the most of your time while in the great city of New Orleans.
How to Connect With Your Peers in The Big Easy 10/15/2013
He was a giant of ophthalmology, known for his rules for identifying retinal tears. But the day one young ophthalmologist wound up sharing popcorn with Harvey Lincoff, MD, typifies the many unexpected, meaningful connections that happen every year at the Academy’s Annual Meeting. “[Dr. Lincoff] wandered into the Young Ophthalmologist Lounge looking for the Senior Ophthalmologist Lounge,” recalled YO Info Editorial Board Member Janice C. Law, MD. “Seeing our complimentary popcorn, beer and foot massager, he knew he hit the jackpot and couldn’t leave.
Attend, Listen, Apply: An Annual Meeting Guide for the Practicing YO 09/17/2013
One of the most valuable aspects of being a young ophthalmologist (YO) is the shared experience of success and failure, the learning gained from celebrating and commiserating with peers and colleagues as you move from training through practice. As the largest gathering of young ophthalmologists in the world, this year’s Annual Meeting is a can’t-miss event. In particular, the YO Program presents an ideal situation for YOs of all types to learn about and tackle the common issues facing them as they take their first steps out of academia.
Residents’ Guide to the Annual Meeting: ‘Take Charge of Your Career’ in New Orleans 08/13/2013
Without a doubt, YOs face a unique set of professional and personal demands in their transition from training to practice. Fear not though, YOs. The YO Program at this year’s Annual Meeting is there to ease the process. From contract negotiation and coding to marketing and selection of practice types, the Academy’s newly designed “It’s YO World, Jumpstart YOur Career” allows YOs of all stripes to learn about the key issues central to their young professional careers. This month, YO Info takes a look at what the Annual Meeting has to offer residents and how the experience can propel your career forward.
Annual Meeting Preview: 4 Can’t-Miss Sessions for YOs 07/15/2013
The Academy continually strives to provide the ophthalmic community with the most advanced research and education, and the Annual Meeting is an integral part of that process for all ophthalmologists across the globe. This November, New Orleans will play host for the seventh time and promises to make the 117th Annual Meeting a must-see event. Here's an overview of sessions and resources of particular interest for young ophthalmologists.
What the Future Holds: A Resident’s Take on Her First Academy Meeting 12/04/2012
As I sat in the third row of the conference room amidst a sea of suits all engrossed in the opening moments of the YO Program, I peered up at the podium, pen poised above a blank yellow legal pad. American Academy of Ophthalmology President Ruth Williams, MD, was speaking about the changing face of health care. She encouraged us to be open to change, and said, “From chaos comes opportunity.” These words resonated with me.
How to Navigate the Crowds and Connect With Your Peers in Chicago 10/16/2012
Milling through a crowd of thousands in one of the country’s largest convention halls isn’t the optimal way to acquaint oneself with new friends and professional contacts. But several Academy young ophthalmologists have volunteered their time and energy to make that prospect easier and more likely. Here’s how you can connect with them and others at the Joint Meeting in Chicago, Nov. 10 to 13.
Joint Meeting Offers Chance to Recognize, Learn From Next Generation of Eye Surgeons 10/16/2012
If you’re on the fence about coming to the Joint Meeting in Chicago, the chairman of the YO Committee has a message for you: attendance is a smart investment, especially if you attend this year’s YO Program on Nov. 11. “These presentations cover so much ground and allow attendees to ask so many relevant questions that if you tried to get the same quantity and quality of information from a consultant, you would be spending several thousands of dollars,” says Robert F. Melendez, MD, MBA, who will moderate the popular four-hour session.
Where Do Young Eye Surgeons Begin Networking? With the Experts, Of Course 09/10/2012
It seemed an ideal place to start an ophthalmology career. But two years after moving there, the young physician found herself looking for new employment and saddled with a job experience difficult to explain to potential new employers. Would you know how to avoid the mistakes she made?
YO Symposia Preview: Can’t-Miss Sessions Cover Refractive Surgery to Volunteering 08/14/2012
During this November’s Joint Meeting in Chicago with the Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology (APAO), the Academy convenes the most exciting annual gathering of eye surgeons anywhere in the world. This year the program includes more than 40 symposia developed by more than 30 subspecialty societies and groups like the YO Committee. Although symposia are free, the one- to two-hour events offer CME. They’re also meant to both educate and intrigue audiences, incorporating cases, visuals and discussion into their sessions.
YO! Chicago Wants Your Attention at the Joint Meeting 07/17/2012
Calling all young eye surgeons. From Nov. 9 to 13, the most important scientific gathering of the year will convene for eye surgeons from around the world: the Academy’s Annual Meeting. This year the Academy co-hosts a Joint Meeting — the fourth such exciting collaboration with the Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology, which will open with a powerful keynote speaker: Abraham Verghese, MD, the best-selling author and professor of medicine from Stanford University.
YO Program Wrap-Up: Six Keys to Success 12/05/2011
Your early career in ophthalmology can be an overwhelming experience. I have often asked myself whether I was truly succeeding or at least setting myself up for success. I worked hard during residency and fellowship and felt like that should mean I would get this whole job thing “right.” WRONG! In the last year, I have discovered that the real world of ophthalmology includes so much more than just the clinical aspects of ophthalmology. So how do you prepare for success? The answer is five-fold.
YOs Go Global with Some Help from the Experts 12/05/2011
Fact: There are 39 million people in the world who are blind. In addition, there are 246 million more people who are visually impaired. Yet 80 percent of blindness is avoidable — that is, preventable, treatable, or curable. Not surprisingly, about 90 percent of the blind live in the developing world. These numbers are a sobering reality. But I, along with a group of international experts who joined us in the YO lounge at this year’s Academy Annual Meeting, remain hopeful and optimistic for this reason — YOU!
It’s All About the Ribbons 10/11/2011
Throughout history, there have always been ways to denote rank and prestige. Football players have stickers on their helmets, art collectors display paintings, actors collect awards, and the military leaders don medals and ribbons. And ophthalmologists are no different. Anyone who’s been to an Annual Meeting knows the sight of attendees with badges colorfully bedecked.
Get Connected in Orlando 10/11/2011
People attend the Academy’s Annual Meeting for many reasons, but one of them is certainly the other attendees — experts from whom you want to learn, colleagues in your subspecialty, friends you haven’t seen since residency. To help you make the right connections at this year’s meeting in Orlando, the Academy has planned several events to help YOs get and stay in touch.
Beyond the Course Pass 10/11/2011
The Academy Plus Course Pass is all the rage this year. It gives you flexibility and freedom to pick from nearly 350 different Annual Meeting courses for one low price. But it doesn’t give you access to everything. For YOs in particular, there are a few things you’ll want to attend that lie outside of the course pass.
Day-by-Day Guide to the Annual Meeting 09/12/2011
This year’s Academy Plus pass is like an amazing all-you-can-eat buffet. You pay one price and you have access to 350 courses. (Note that if you’ve bought a course pass, you still need to buy separate tickets for the YO Program and Networking with the Experts.) But just like a buffet, the choices of what to do at the meeting can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created this day-by-day planner to help you whittle all the choices down to a manageable schedule.
Plan Your Annual Meeting Schedule: Three Great Tools 09/12/2011
The Annual Meeting is the perfect place for YOs to meet, greet, network, job hunt, expand their scientific knowledge, pick up practice management advice and hone their surgical skills. But managing all of these options can be challenging at best! To help you plan your meeting schedule, here’s a guide to three great online tools you can use to plan your schedule for Orlando, plus some tips for choosing courses.
International Attendees' Guide to the Annual Meeting 08/15/2011
Being a first-time attendee to the Annual Meeting can be overwhelming for any YO. When do you register? How do you get there and where should you stay? And once you’re there, how do you make sense of it all…the courses, symposiums, labs, receptions, breakfasts and dinners? Now imagine you are trying to do all that from outside of the United States! It boggles the mind! To help you plan and organize your time in Orlando, we consulted the Academy’s YO International Subcommittee, which is fresh off recent joint YO sessions with the European Society of Ophthalmology (SOE) and Pan-American Association of Ophthalmology. Here’s their advice.
Knowledge is for Breakfast in Orlando 07/11/2011
As we talked about last month, at this year’s Annual Meeting, you will be able to purchase the Academy Plus course pass, which covers 350 Academy and AAOE instruction courses for one low price. However, there are a few that are NOT covered by the pass, including Skills Transfer labs, AAOE roundtables, Coding Camp and special ticketed events. Additionally, there are several YO-specific events that are not covered, including: The YO Program ($35 and includes lunch); Networking With the Experts: Knowledge and Tips for the YO ($20 and includes lunch); and Breakfasts With the Experts. For all of these events, seating is limited, so be sure to make your reservations early.
Get Ready for Orlando: Annual Meeting Preview 06/13/2011
With heat waves ripping across the country and kids wrapping up the end of the school year, one can only be thinking…ah, summer. The time of lemonade, backyard barbeques, pool parties and the Annual Meeting. Wait, what? Yes, the Annual Meeting, member registration for which opens Wednesday, June 22. Here’s a guide to what you need to take care of now to have a great meeting in the fall.
Clinician-Scientists Unite! 12/06/2010
Clinician-scientists play a vital role in filling the gap between patient care and discovery research. Splitting their time and interests between clinical practice and research enables them to translate their research results into the clinic, as well as develop research questions based on clinical issues they encounter in practice. However, over the last three decades, significant concern has been expressed about barriers faced by clinician-scientists and, indeed, their very survival. While the difficulties of this career path, which involves patient care, research and teaching, are evident to most, the motivations, success stories and rewards to those who choose this path would aid the ones considering this path.
Coding, Contracts and Community: Six Pearls from the 2010 YO Program 10/18/2010
Wow! What a week. As I head home from my first Academy meeting, I finally have the time to reflect on what an outstanding organization our Academy really is. I got to meet with receptive, accomplished and caring established ophthalmologists. I was exposed to well-organized lectures and discussions about the new thoughts and advancements in each of our subspecialty areas and got to play with some neat new toys on the exhibit floor. The most memorable part was my interaction with the motivated, energetic and focused budding physicians in our field at the Young Ophthalmologist Program. I wish every young ophthalmologist could have made it to this excellent program, but as we all know, sometimes being the “young ophthalmologist” in training or in practice means you can’t make it to a lot of things. I hope you make it in the future, but I’ll include some facts that I found interesting from the meeting to hopefully help you.
Insiders' Guide to Chicago 09/13/2010
Welcome to a fabulous, fun, sophisticated town. Chicagoans love their city, and for good reasons. We are all (well, almost all) familiar with the cultural panache of New York City, but mixed with Midwestern friendliness and an ease of getting around, Chicago has diverse and still ethnic neighborhoods, a history of trendsetting architecture and a cheerful mood. There is so much to see in Chicago as it is, not to mention trying to get it all in while still getting the most of out the meeting. So here is the Cliffs Notes version of our Chicago.
Best of the Joint Meeting’s Happy Hours, Receptions 09/13/2010
Who says the Joint Meeting has to be just about scientific presentations and educational sessions? This is Chicago after all! So take advantage of the many opportunities to mix a bit of business with pleasure and connect with other young ophthalmologists.
Procrastinator's Guide to the Joint Meeting 09/13/2010
Perhaps you have been cramming for an exam. Or maybe you’ve been researching fellowship programs. Or possibly you’ve just been so busy with life in general that the Joint Meeting has snuck up on you. And now, it’s here, and you are scrambling to attend. Never fear. We’ve done the research, talked to those who have been there, and compiled everything you’ll need to know to make last-minute travel preparations, register onsite, select sessions and courses and even manage to enjoy the Chicago scene!
From Free Cigarettes to the 'Penthouse Gang': How the Palmer House Became the Academy's Home Away From Home 08/16/2010
You cannot be the longest continuously operating hotel in North America and not have some amazing stories hidden within your walls. And the Palmer House in Chicago — site of this year's Orbital Gala and a host of Annual Meetings past — has stories to spare.
New-to-Practice Guide to the Joint Meeting 08/16/2010
It’s not your first meeting, but you’re still just a year or two into practice. Wondering how to approach the Annual Meeting now? We’ve got you covered. There are a wide variety of programs and courses designed specifically for young ophthalmologists in their first few years of practice. Not only can you discover the ins and outs of buy-ins and how to determine the value of a practice, but you can also learn everything you need to know about coding, employment law, and even a few internet marketing strategies. And, best of all, you can network with the experts.
First-Time Attendee’s Guide to the Joint Meeting 08/16/2010
The meeting can be tough to navigate as a seasoned pro, let alone as a novice. If this year’s Joint Meeting will be your first Annual Meeting, then consider this article your must-have guide! We’ll tell you the most essential events and sessions to attend, and share six tips for a great meeting from your colleagues.
Job-Seeker’s Guide to the Joint Meeting 07/13/2010
Few things are more stressful than leaving the safety of higher education and joining the work force. Equally stressful is making the decision to switch jobs or move from private practice to academia, academia to a large practice, or any variation in between. The Academy knows this and is prepared to help you navigate your way through the process of finding a job. During this year’s Joint Meeting in Chicago (Oct. 16 to 19), you’ll find a myriad of courses, resources, and programs to help you find (and land!) the job of your dreams.
A Very Social Meeting, A Very Social Academy 11/16/2009
Those of you browsing the O.N.E. shortly before the Academy’s recent Joint Meeting may have noticed a new feature on some pages: the ability to comment and review articles, including posts on EyeNet Magazine’s blog. For many meeting attendees, that was just one way that social media and the Academy combined – and it’s only just begun, as you’ll see with this issue of YO Info.
A YO Perspective on the YO Program 11/16/2009
The core purpose of the Academy’s Young Ophthalmologist (YO) Committee is to address the educational needs of younger or new to practice ophthalmologists, communicating their concerns to the Academy leadership and supporting their membership and involvement in Academy activities. The major focus of these efforts is directed toward residency, fellowship and the first five years of practice. The YO Committee develops the YO Program held in conjunction with the Academy’s Annual Meeting. Committee member Rob Melendez reports on this year’s program.
An Insider’s Guide to San Francisco Neighborhoods and Mass Transit 10/12/2009
Like any major city, San Francisco relies on mass transit to ferry many of its citizens and visitors around. Though the most famous part of the system is the city’s iconic cable cars, the region’s transit comprises a network of interconnected agencies. This month’s final insider’s guide gives you the scoop on San Francisco’s urban geography, and explains what takes you where. Plus, you’ll also get a personal introduction to some of the neighborhoods nearest Joint Meeting Central (a.k.a., the Moscone Center).
Joint Meeting After Hours: Your Guide to Receptions, Happy Hours and More 10/12/2009
All work and no play make an ophthalmologist a dull doctor! Luckily, the Joint Meeting provides many opportunities to mix a bit of business with pleasure and connect with other young ophthalmologists.
Procrastinators’ Guide to the Joint Meeting 10/12/2009
There’s always a reason. Maybe you’ve been debating on attending the Joint Meeting and just found out you qualify for a department grant to attend. Or maybe you just found out that a previously scheduled appointment or meeting that kept you from coming has been cleared. If you’re worrying what to do now, never fear. YO Info’s procrastinators’ guide to the Joint Meeting has the scoop on making last minute travel preparations, the ins and outs of registering onsite, choosing sessions and courses, and even a few suggestions from the YO Info editorial board.
Get with the YO Program 09/14/2009
If you’ve been to one of the Academy’s previous Annual Meetings, you know that one of the main events for young ophthalmologists is the YO Program. This year is no different, although the program for the Joint Meeting in San Francisco has some exciting new changes, keyed off the current economy, as well as feedback from last year’s program.
Taking the Joint Meeting’s Pulse: Where to Find the Best Conversations 09/14/2009
Since its inception in 1896, the Academy’s Annual Meeting has always been about face-to-face interactions with colleagues in medicine. This year’s Joint Meeting in San Francisco offers several opportunities for such informal connections. Whether you attend one of the variety of Breakfasts with the Experts, grab a cuppa joe at the Academy Café or meander through the scientific posters, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to interact and network with colleagues from across the country and even the world!
An Insider’s Guide to San Francisco Restaurants and Nightspots 09/14/2009
Attending an Annual Meeting is never just about the daytime program. You have to eat, for one thing, and evenings can be filled with an array of receptions and other events. If you have an evening free or need a good bite or buzz near the convention center, here’s where to go for food, drink and entertainment in San Francisco -- complete with a video peek at our favorites.
An Insider’s Guide to San Francisco Coffee Shops 08/21/2009
If you’re used to getting coffee from places that add the milk and sugar for you — if they have non-powdered add-ins at all — prepare to be surprised in San Francisco. Coffee is something of a local obsession, with not one, not two, but three chains competing with Starbucks (if you count Peet’s, Tully’s and Coffee Bean) to be the local stop for java on the go. And those are just the options for convenience, predictably produced. If you are anything close to a coffee connoisseur, San Francisco has a bevy of cafes and roasteries, several of which are within walking or urban hiking distance from the Moscone Center — a.k.a., Joint Meeting Central. To get you ready for the morning fuel-up or afternoon espresso, we’ve picked our favorites.
Job-Seeker’s Guide to the Joint Meeting 08/17/2009
By the end of the 2010 academic year, today’s residents and fellows will be looking to join a practice in what is and will, at least in the short term, continue to be an employer’s market. The good news is, if you’re coming to the Academy’s Joint Meeting in San Francisco this fall, you can take advantage of more than just the clinical education offerings. The meeting has much to offer job seekers as well.
Joint Meeting 101: How to Make the Most of Your Schedule 08/17/2009
Whether this is your first meeting or your fifth, wading through the program can be overwhelming. So this year, for the first time, we asked the YO Committee and its International Subcommittee to recommend courses and events for three different kinds of YOs: those of you in residency, the first five years of practice or practice outside the United States. With their suggestions, we’re confident you’ll have a great meeting experience.
YOs, What Do You Know? (What We Learned at the Joint Meeting) 11/24/2008
I’m 30,000 feet over Oklahoma, flying back from the Academy’s Joint Meeting, and a gregarious septuagenarian with a three-beer buzz has just informed me that, in five years, I will never believe how dumb I am now. Fortunately, after attending the YO Program at the Joint Meeting, I will not have to wait five years to realize how little I know about preparing for my professional life after residency. And after speaking with residents in the YO Lounge at the meeting, I realized that I was far from the only person lacking such knowledge.
5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Career 10/20/2008
Are you entering practice or looking for a new position? Then the Professional Choices Job Fair — Sunday, Nov. 9, from 2:15 p.m. to 5 p.m. — is for you! Begun in 2003, the job fair returns this year as a convenient forum connecting hundreds of physicians seeking employment opportunities with representatives from more than 100 hiring practices. Best of all, it’s FREE for job seekers. Here’s how to get the most from your experience.
The YO Program: Everything They Didn’t Teach You in Medical School 10/15/2008
Whether you are in transition from training to practice or are in your first few years of practice, you have no doubt encountered numerous obstacles that could have been avoided. That’s where the Young Ophthalmologist Program can help. The YO Program will help you identify those nasty pitfalls in every area from practice management and coding to advocacy and international opportunities.
Atlanta After Dark 10/15/2008
What are Atlanta’s hippest hotspots for a cocktail or tasty bite to eat? Here are some suggestions from a fellow young ophthalmologist and YO Committee member, Kris F. Gillian, MD, who lives, practices and plays in Atlanta.
Hang Out at the First-Ever YO Lounge 09/15/2008
The 2008 Joint Meeting marks the introduction of the YO Lounge! Join your fellow young ophthalmologists at the new YO Lounge. It is an ideal place to mingle with other YOs, gather practical advice from practice management experts on issues relating to their practice, meet the Academy’s YO Committee and learn tips on how to navigate the Joint Meeting. But that’s just the beginning!
AAOE Program Offers Comprehensive Course Selection for YOs 09/15/2008
At the Joint Meeting in Atlanta, the American Academy of Ophthalmic Executives (AAOE) will be presenting a number of CME-bearing courses to help young ophthalmologists (YOs) navigate the complexities of practice management. Whether you are still in training or have already entered practice, the comprehensive program will give you the information you need to be successful in your career.
Are You an Undiscovered Rock Star? 08/18/2008
The band Journey lost their lead singer last year. In search for a new lead singer, Neil Schon, one of the band’s founders, turned to YouTube and searched for singers online. After a couple days of searching, Schon found a young singer halfway around the world in the Philippines. His name is Arnel Pineda, and after auditioning in Marin County, his incredible voice landed him the job as lead singer. Journey’s national tour is sold out everywhere, and the craze about Pineda is spreading like wildfire. This Cinderella story illustrates the power of the Internet and how it can be used to connect individuals around the world. But before you can be found on the Internet, you must know how to publish on the Web.
Why You Should Eat Breakfast with the Experts 08/18/2008
Whether this is your first time to the Annual Meeting or your fifth, deciding which events to attend can be overwhelming. Fortunately, you can still benefit from great, YO-focused information without missing any of the regularly scheduled events by taking part in the Breakfasts with the Experts.
YO Program Draws Crowd 01/25/2008
The 2007 Annual Meeting in New Orleans was the site of the ninth annual Young Ophthalmologist Program. Once again, the YO Program drew a large crowd of newly minted ophthalmologists eager to learn the latest news on various topics that will affect their careers. Nearly 150 young and young-at-heart physicians from New York to California and as far away as Kenya gathered to listen and take notes on everything from advocacy to negotiating one's first contract.
Navigating the Annual Meeting 10/12/2007
The American Academy of Ophthalmology holds one of the largest annual medical meetings in the world. There are subspecialty day activities, more than 2,000 hours of scientific programs, hundreds of exhibitors, and advocacy and business courses offered by the AAOE. For a young ophthalmologist, this can sometimes be overwhelming. It is easy to go to the Annual Meeting, then realize after the fact that you missed something important. So, in an attempt to guide you through this meeting, the following recommendations are provided with the young ophthalmologist in mind.