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Young Ophthalmologists
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Yo Info 
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'House of Cards' in Real Life: 2 Things I Didn't Know Could Shape My Future

Rep. Raul Ruiz, D-Calif., was addressing a group of fellow physicians before our much-anticipated visit to Capitol Hill. While he spoke, I pictured a version of Dr. Ruiz's teenage self, dressed in a thick, itchy, poorly fitted blue suit in 100° weather soliciting donations to fund his college education. Dr. Ruiz told the group he wrote and signed a contract with contributing members of his community, promising to return as a physician. Read more.

About YO Info
Launched in 2007, YO Info is the American Academy of Ophthalmology's newsletter for young ophthalmologists (YOs) — those in training as well as in their first few years in practice.

David W. Parke II, MD

YO Committee Chair
Robert F. Melendez, MD, MBA

YO Info Editorial Board Chair
Natasha L. Herz, MD

Managing Editor
Christi A. Foist

YO Info Editorial Board
Brian Chan-Kai, MD
James G. Chelnis, MD
Edward Hu, MD, PhD
Janice C. Law, MD
David E. Vollman, MD, MBA
Elizabeth Yeu, MD

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How to Write for Us
The editorial board is always looking for new writers. To apply, email a 500-word writing sample and your CV to Sample should cover a topic relevant to residents and physicians in their first five years of practice: practice management, advocacy, finding a job or a clinical pearl on a topic of your choice.