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Saying No 03/21/2008
We are achievers. We are competitors. We have conquered the medical education system and have successfully joined the ranks of ophthalmologists. We are capable, bright, dedicated and hard-working. We take care of people for a living, and many of us take care of family members at home. However, we rarely turn our attention, energy and force of will toward taking care of ourselves.
Balance is Overrated 06/13/2007
Balance is the word that most people use to describe the challenge of blending work with everything else we do. Balance is an overused word, and a metaphor that is too simplistic. Any presentation about work/life balance includes a slide with an old-fashioned balance, a tool to measure weight. It is a bar with a fulcrum and a basket at either end. Work weighs down on one side, while family, leisure or anything personal counterbalances on the other side.