1-Minute Video

    In this 1-Minute Video, Drs. Gautam Vangipuram and Gaurav Shah demonstrate management of emulsified oil hyperoleon. The 67-year-old patient with previous repair of right proliferative vitreoretinopathy detachment (PPV/MP/1000cs silicone oil) presented after being lost to follow up for 2 years. Visual acuity was hand motions with an IOP of 35 mm Hg in the right eye. Slit-lamp examination revealed emulsified silicone oil in the anterior chamber with a poor posterior view.

    A 27-gauge vitrectomy setup was used to remove the silicone oil. A trocar blade was used to create a paracentesis and the anterior chamber was lavaged with BSS solution. With the infusion line in place, the viscous oil extraction cannula was used to remove the majority of the posterior oil. Intracapsular oil was flushed using a blunt cannula. Inspection of the posterior segment revealed an attached retina with no residual proliferation. Miochol was used to ensure postoperative IOL stability.

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