1-Minute Video

    In this 1-Minute Video, Dr. Rajeev Muni offers advice on how to perform pneumatic retinopexy. To perform the procedure, he applies a topical drop of anesthetic, followed by a subconjunctival anesthetic in the quadrant where the gas will be injected. Next, he uses topical povidone-iodine and applies a sterile lid speculum. For the anterior chamber paracentesis, Dr. Muni inserts a 30-gauge needle with the plunger removed, applying constant pressure with the plunger to express as much fluid as possible. Pure SF6 gas, about 0.3 cc greater than the amount of fluid removed from the anterior chamber, is injected. The patient is examined over the next few days, and laser retinopexy is applied after the retina reattaches.

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